Weekend Recap

2:20 PM -- Good Monday, Internet!

  • Lionsgate CEO leaks Best Buy and Blockbuster future plans.
    Both companies are added to the long list of those planning a movie download platform. No surprise here -- as the article points out, Blockbuster may have been trying to buy Movielink at one point. This is the first anyone's heard about Best Buy's plans, however. Maybe it's trying to be like Amazon, waiting for the fray about rights to calm somewhat before making its move.

  • Billboard on iTunes Plus name-embedding.
    Many cried foul when The Unofficial Apple Weblog revealed your name comes built in to iTunes Plus downloads. Billboard's Anthony Bruno brings a little sanity to the party.

    Update: While I still think it's not really worth getting one's panties in a bunch over names on files, there might be a little more to it. Possibly intentional rights management, possibly technical snafus. We'll see what happens in the next round of updates!

  • Brightcove responds to Real's new player.
    One can understand Brightcove's sensitivity about the issue, given that the live demo of Real's program nabbed a Brightcove clip. Given that Real guarantees to lock out anything that's DRM protected, I don't see why this is such a huge dilemma.

  • Microsoft reboots Soapbox with filtering technology.
    Soapbox, as with many other leading video sites such as Myspace and DailyMotion, will be working with Audible Magic to prevent copyright infringement.

  • Microsoft (two in a row!) launches Ignition for cross-platform music promotion.
    Ignition will bridge content across Xbox Live, the Zune and the oh-so-adorable MSN network. Maximo Park gets first dibs at the service.

  • Slacker raises another $40 million.
    Call it the Last.fm effect.

  • Local TV conglomerate strikes a deal with YouTube.
    A strange deal: As Splashcast notes on its company blog, the most popular local TV clips are crappy, unintentionally hilarious 80s throwbacks and bloopers.

  • VideoJug launches stateside.
    The how-to video site is very well done and it's good to see them making moves.

    — A.L. Friedman, Editor at Large, Light Reading

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