Weekend Recap

5:40 PM -- Happy Memorial Day. Here's what we missed...

First of all, updating an earlier item, YouTube is back up and running in Morocco, thanks to pressure from the blogosphere. Good to hear!
  • Finland says if breaking CSS is that easy, it's not illegal
    As it's only illegal to break an "effective technological measure," it's legal to break an ineffective one. Bootleg Finnish DVDs for everyone!

  • One million zunes not yet sold
    The San Francisco Chronicle got its quotes wrong. It's also not clear if this is "sold" (in users' hands) or "shipped" (for sale in retail outlets).

  • User-generated ads jump the shark
    Looking at a Heinz contest as a case study, it appears Tom Sawyer-ing is actually expensive and inefficient.

  • YouTube has a new player
    Includes thumbnails of related videos and better movement within the shot. Nice.

  • UnCut will probably leave beta next month
    AOL's little YouTube clone steps up. Interesting to see how it will fare alongside AOL's decent social network, AIMPages.

  • Japan may make Webcasting royalties compulsory
    It's a pragmatic but cynical way to deal with piracy.

    — A.L. Friedman, Editor at Large, Light Reading

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