Weekend Recap

2:50 PM -- A few notes on what went on in the wide world of digital content over the weekend...

  • YouTube to offer revenue sharing to amateur users
    Ads will run next to clips by selected users. Mark Cuban has some concerns, but you might want to consider the context.

  • Several labels unhappy with Emusic
    The indies think they are getting low-balled with offers of as little as 12 cents per track. Not an unreasonable complaint, as Emusic appears to be succeeding, recently boasting its 300,000th user last month.

  • Pandora forced to close its door to non-American users
    Though the free streaming music service has a blanket license in the states, labels wanted to negotiate licenses in every country. And that's damn near impossible. Luckily, there's no shortage of technologies to help global users around the problem.

  • New study blames selection and availability for shortage in CD sales
    Limited variety in retail stores stifles impulse purchasing in today's smarter music consumer, the study finds. Personally, I blame QVC.

  • NBC cuts pre-roll ads down to 15 seconds
    I don't think this will be a problem, because the vodka ads I always seem to get tend to be a little... spacious? Heavyweight digital video provider Brightcove is also capping pre-rolls at 15 seconds.

  • Nobody wants to advertise on mobile video
    Also, nobody wants to act in mobile video, as long as the studios are pushing it as "promotional content" (for which they don't have to pay actors).

  • Twisted to release next picture exclusively through Break.com
    The studio responsible for Saw and its sequels will air its next movie -- tentatively titled "The Internet Killer" -- in three-minute scenes on Break.com. Expect big ad buys for the inevitable scene where flaming nails dipped in acid shoot out of a CPU... or something.

    No, really -- "The Internet Killer." I'm not making that up.

    — A.L. Friedman, Editor at Large, Light Reading

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