Weekend Recap

2:00 PM -- A few notes on what went on in the wide world of digital content over the weekend...

  • AT&T streamed Coachella.
    AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s The Blue Room is promising video archives of this California music festival. When they're up, be sure to peep Bjork's Princess Toadstool impression. Wow.

  • Not surprisingly, SoundExchange hates the proposed Internet Radio Equality Act.
    In an interesting bit of spin, they assert that since lower Internet streaming fees will financially benefit large media corporations, more than smaller streamers, it must be a corporate conspiracy! Call Abbie Hoffman! Uh, no.

  • Yahoo and BMG make things complicated.
    Nobody seems to want to step up and make a ruling on "interactive" and "non-interactive" Internet music services.

  • Sony sets up "minisodes" of its TV back catalog.
    Wonderfully vapid shows like TJ Hooker and Charlie's Angels will be trimmed down to five minutes. One step closer to the 10 second Internet sitcom!

    — A.L. Friedman, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading

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