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Cable Next-Gen Business Services Digital Symposium
Date: 12/6/2022 11:00 a.m New York / 4:00 p.m London
Nokia, Red Hat
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The Cable Next-Gen Digital Symposium is a one-day event featuring Light Reading's Alan Breznick and Jeff Baumgartner. Join them alongside industry experts as they discuss the most significant trends driving cable next-gen into 2022 and beyond.

Honorary Chair - David Strauss, Principal, Broadband Success Partners

This session will be moderated by Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading.

Overcoming 5G standalone delays to deliver new revenue
Date: 12/7/2022 11:00 a.m. New York
Spirent Communications
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As new standalone cores roll out, 5G is fully embracing the cloud. Early movers have many lessons learned, but one critical takeaway is that the cloud breaks 5G testing as we know it. Traditional manual validation testing simply can't keep up with the constant stream of releases of cloud-native functions and compute and connectivity infrastructure across an expanded set of 5G vendors. Join our team of experts, Heavy Reading Principal Analyst, Ruth Brown, Spirent Head of Strategy, Steve Douglas, and Spirent VP of Global Business Solutions, Chris O'Loughlin, as they explain why 5G is disrupting traditional testing and share how 5G leaders are adopting automation and "as a service" models to reinvent testing for the 5G cloud.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Service providers' transformation to the cloud: status, challenges, and headwinds
  • What a cloud-native 5G core release calendar looks like and the move to CI/CD
  • The need for automation across the lab-to-live lifecycle
  • The role of "as a service" models and case studies

The Evolution of the Multi-Service Network Edge
Date: 12/7/2022 12:00 p.m. New York / 5:00 p.m. London
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The Multi-Service Network Edge has always been crucial to deliver on superior end-user experience as well as new, innovative service offerings. In short, service revenue is minted at the network edge. But -as in many technology areas- requirements keep evolving: Cloud-centric architectures, the overwhelming need for automation, machine-learning workloads, enforcing security policies, the insatiable thirst for applications for more bandwidth. That is just to name a few.


  • The key challenges for CSPs today and what is changing quickly
  • What advantages the emerging multi-service edge offers over traditional core and access routing technology?
  • Why there is an overwhelming need for compact routing platforms which support advanced services at scale
  • Embedded service intelligence use cases at the network edge

5G Leads the Stride: An Update on Huawei Wireless Product & Solutions and 5G Business Cases
Date: 12/12/2022 9:00 a.m. New York / 2:00 p.m. London
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Operators success in 5G will be built on new innovative services in revenue generation and future proofing network investments. As 5G spectrum evolution continues, 5G success will lie in the ability to leverage all spectrum bands with a single 5G solution. The ability for operators to adopt an “all-in-one” integrated solution that combines network technologies to deliver optimal performance, ultimate experiences and minimal energy consumption. Moving forward, all connections and services will evolve to 5G and so will all bands, including TDD, FDD and mmWave. Delivering a new standard for mobile broadband (MBB) network construction is an inevitable step for all mobile operators.

Key takeaways from this webinar will include Huawei latest Wireless Innovations and Products and leading 5G Business Cases

  1. 5G Business Success Case Studies – World's First 5G Fully-connected 3C Factory (3C- Computers, Communications, and Consumer Electronics) make up what's commonly referred to as the 3C industry in China , 5G Smart Ocean, 5G E2E Exclusive Slice to Enable Smart Grid, Munich 5G Tech City and real-life cases of 5G enabling digitalization in large-scale city clusters.
  2. Huawei MetaAAU: Extremely large antenna array-Massive MIMO (ELAA-MM) is a key technology for 5G-Advanced to address the coverage and power consumption challenges of 6 GHz, mmWave, and other spectra by enhancing both uplink and downlink coverage.
  3. Huawei 5G Digital Indoor System for Ubiquitous Giga Experience, LampSite 5.0 solution that features TDD+FDD multi-band and multi-RAT combination
  4. Ultra-Wideband and Multi-Antenna Technologies Simplify Deployment with Fragmented FDD Spectrum and Improve Spectral Efficiency Increasing performance and spectral efficiency while simplifying sites
  5. IntelligentRAN Empowers Intelligent 5G Networks, turbo charges the capabilities of the RAN architecture, leverages intelligence/AI
  6. RuralLink - Driving Rural Connectivity with unique microwave fronthaul capabilities

How to sell cyber security to your subscribers
Date: 12/13/2022 11:00 am New York/ 4:00pm London
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Technology advancement has been a double edge sword for those impacted. The quality of life has improved drastically while new challenges and complications have also surfaced on the opposite end of the spectrum. The typical household today is surrounded with numerous digital devices and some of them continue to stay with us even when we leave. People are aware of the cybersecurity challenges they’re facing and are looking for solutions to protect their digital lives, but they lack the knowledge and motivation to manage their own cybersecurity. Service providers can capitalize on this opportunity and increase revenues by providing simple, ready-to-use cybersecurity solutions that require minimal user input. In this webinar, we focus on how ISPs can better address their subscribers needs, and also make a profit, by packing cybersecurity into a much needed and accessible service. Cybersecurity is not an area where service providers should be pulling back on spending. An evolving cybersecurity portfolio is a long-term investment and the key to keep your subscribers protected, engaged and happy.

Key topics include:

  • Overview of today’s cyberthreats
  • How cybersecurity addresses latest threats
  • Cybersecurity as the top value-added service
  • Driving awareness with education and repetition
  • Leverage current events related to cybersecurity

Pluggable Coherent Beyond the DCI Universe
Date: 12/13/2022 12:00 p.m. New York / 5:00 p.m. London
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Network operators are now embracing the promise of coherent pluggables to enable new architectures including IP over DWDM that help reduce capex and opex. Newer coherent pluggable options such as Bi-Directional, 400ZR+ and high launch power solutions are expanding applications. In this webinar, representatives from several network operators explain the real-world applications for 100G, 200G and 400G coherent pluggable modules in their networks.

Topics will include:

  • Network operator perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of deploying coherent pluggables
  • Key applications for new Bright high launch power (i.e., 0 dBm) pluggable optics v
  • Use cases and architecture approaches for DCI, metro, and access application

Simplify your Multicloud Networking to Improve Business Agility and Reduce TCO
Date: 12/13/2022 1:00 p.m. New York
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The convergence of cloud and communications is at a tipping point, accelerating the demand for new enterprise services. The dependence of these services on single hyperscale clouds can be a nightmare for availability and disaster recovery. Enterprises need to seek multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services to avoid getting handcuffed into a single cloud vendor and be able to take full advantage of a true modern network. Achieving that goal requires a multi-cloud networking solution with a routing fabric that enables cloud-to-cloud connectivity, connecting to multiple pools of capacity.

Key Topics will Include:

  • Speeding time to market – new applications can be deployed quickly across multiple national/international markets using inter-market connectivity
  • Business agility – flexible platforms allow for interoperability to IT service providers and site-to-site connectivity solutions
  • Expand market reach – leverage inter-market connectivity to reach more enterprises and interconnection among an ecosystem of providers
  • Reduce total cost of operation – direct cloud connectivity cuts data egress fees, and adding virtual router capabilities, removes investment in routing equipment
  • Increased security – direct connections create private network isolation for enterprises which is more secure than connecting through the public internet
  • Improved customer experience – low-latency performance assures consistent experience from the core to the edge
  • Business simplification - enabling customers to blend pools of capacity and provision across them. Simplify onboarding and reach customers through a single network interface
  • Rapid scaling - allow enterprises to create applications that can be programmed on top of a uniform API/SDK-like interface
  • Resource optimization - use of orchestration capability to launch or spawn virtual routers in different clouds

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Making Cable Smarter With AI, ML, Deep Learning and Automation
Date: 12/15/2022 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London
Red Hat
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Aiming to take advantage of the vast quantities of customer data they collect, cable operators are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning and network automation to improve service delivery, cut operating costs and gain greater insights into their customers. So far, for instance, operators are applying these technologies and techniques to plan their fiber-optic nodes better, run their HFC networks more efficiently and target their video content and ads to customers more effectively.

In this session, we will look at the most promising use cases for AI, ML, deep learning and automation, the challenges they present and the lessons that are being learned.

Optical Networking Digital Symposium - Day 1
Date: 2/7/2023 Tuesday, February 07, 2023, 11:00 AM EST
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Session 1: Where Next for Coherent Pluggable Optics?

11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

This session will investigate the benefits already delivered by using coherent pluggable modules and the new opportunities being enabled by the latest developments.

Session 2: Use Cases and Frameworks for Transport Automation at Scale

12:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

This session aims to dig deeper into the automation mega-trend by zeroing in on these two crucial areas.

Optical Networking Digital Symposium - Day 2
Date: 2/9/2023 Thursday, February 09, 2023, 11:00 AM EST
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Session 1: Supporting 5G-Advanced: Optical Networks Evolution

11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

This session addresses optical networks technologies and benefits for 5G-Advanced.

Session 2: The Road to 800G and 1.6T in the Data Center

12:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

This session will cover the development of next generation pluggable and co-packaged optics in the data center.

Digital Divide Digital Symposium
Date: 2/15/2023 Wednesday, February 15 2023, 11:00 AM EST
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Panel 1: Betting the Farm on Fiber

11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

How can operators install more fiber without losing their shirts? What are the fastest, most efficient ways to deploy it? How can providers future-proof their fiber rollouts to stay competitive in the future? When, if ever, does it make sense to use coaxial cable rather than fiber? This panel will address these questions and more.

Panel II: FWA: A “Future-Proof” Fiber Alternative?

12:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

When does it make economic sense to go the FWA route? What conditions are the most favorable? Which spectrum is the best to use? In this panel, leading industry technologists will discuss the budding promise and potential pitfalls of FWA.

Edge Computing Digital Symposium
Date: 3/21/2023 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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Session 1: The New Edge Ecosystem - Service Providers, Hyperscalers and ISVs

11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

In this session we discuss how the CSPs, the hyperscalers and ISVs are partnering to create the smart Edge – combining performance, multi-cloud connectivity and vertically targeted enhanced use cases.

Session 2: Edge Computing Innovators

12:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

In this session we look at how service providers are helping enterprises innovate irrespective of enterprise vertical – whether manufacturing, smart city, defense, federal government, retail, logistics, etc.

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