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5G Open RAN Deployment
Date: 8/26/2021
Tech Mahindra & Intel
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Open RAN is a way to build and operate low-cost, scalable and programmable radio infrastructure. More than 30 carriers across the globe have shown interest in pursuing open RAN as a part of their long-term network strategies. But while most of the commercial open RAN networks to date have focused on 4G, 5G introduces performance requirements that demand a fresh approach to system design and deployment.

Among the topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Myths and challenges of open RAN
  • Overview of open RAN economics
  • How to meet 5G open RAN performance requirements
  • Timelines for open RAN deployment at scale

How to Harness 5G’s Edge Computing Power
Date: 1/26/2021
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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging markets are seeing tremendous growth and transformation, thanks to 5G's support for heterogeneous mobility networks with advanced distributed cloud services that combine wireless networks with an agile, virtualized and software-defined edge cloud. In turn, 5G's growth is driving the need for such approaches as edge computing architectures, which place compute, storage and connectivity close to the data sources, either near or at the access network edge.

Unlike prior generations of wireless technology, 5G relies on strong, distributed cloud foundations of network and compute to power new market growth. Low latency, high bandwidth, trusted computing and storage rank are all core benefits of edge computing solutions. As a result, edge computing enabled with 5G can open up vast opportunities for application developers in manufacturing, gaming, automotive and other industries.

Service providers can deploy edge computing to enable specific services, applications and use cases. For this reason, edge architectures must be redesigned to meet the stringent SLAs (Service Level Agreements) of emerging applications, detect problems early and prevent service outages. Indeed, the combination of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) will foster new applications that need connectivity not just between people, but also between things.

Edge computing, with its new reference design, will also tap into embedded machine learning systems and artificial intelligence back-end modules to empower network intelligence and boost service agility and deployment.

Open source technologies and open white-box network elements will provide key software and hardware components for these reference designs. AI/ML can also play a significant role in improving network operations, especially at the network edge, and create new service opportunities.

Join us as we discuss how EXFO’s Adaptive Service Assurance solution can help service providers, enterprises and private networks harness the power of 5G edge computing. Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • Edge computing with next-generation 5G technology.
  • Edge computing use cases with 5G technology.
  • Open source and standards for edge computing.
  • Next-generation edge reference architectures.
  • Edge deployment considerations.
  • AI/ML-powered adaptive assurance for edge computing deployments.

Why e2e orchestration is key to win 5G enterprise business
Date: 12/3/2020
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Enterprise services, in Industry 4.0 transformation and retail for example, are interesting areas for communication service providers (CSPs) to work with to grow revenues. A highly dynamic competitor and partner landscape, including hyperscale cloud providers and operations technology vendors, is emerging. The question is who contributes with what in the ecosystem? CSPs must position themselves to deliver value beyond connectivity, by providing end-to-end visibility and control over the services, while maintaining openness.

This webinar focuses on what service providers need in order to become foundational players in providing enterprise solutions, what their challenges are and how they can overcome some of those challenges through enterprise service orchestration.

Key topics include:

  • The CSPs opportunities and role in a new vendor landscape
  • Key learnings from our studies & engagements with leading CSPs
  • The challenges CSPs need to overcome to deliver new enterprise solutions
  • Enterprise service orchestration – what is it and why start now?

Game On: Enhance Your 5G Network to Support the Next Level of Service Experience
Date: 11/24/2020
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5G is about more than just speed and spectral efficiency in the RAN. It is a catalyst for the evolution to a cloud-native architecture throughout the mobile network. This functionality will not only handle rising traffic loads more efficiently but will also enable new service propositions. These could be novel, consumer-oriented digital experiences or private mobile network slices for the enterprise.

First class 5G performance will be key to the success of these new services. Operators will need to measure and assure the performance of everything from service activation on-demand to transport latency and edge compute availability. How will operators address the service assurance challenges of network slicing and private 5G networks?

Join James Crawshaw, Principal Analyst at Omdia, and Tom Foottit, VP Product Management at Accedian, for an interactive discussion on:

  • 5G technologies and private networks that MNOs and enterprises are implementing
  • New 5G cloud-native service assurance requirements
  • Key performance questions to answer as you prepare for 5G

Designing a better 5G
Date: 11/12/2020
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In spite of COVID-19, 5G deployments are accelerating and the pace of their roll out is twice that of 4G. It took 4G five years to achieve 3% penetration globally, while 5G will achieve that in just two years. In some developed markets, its impact has already reached the mass market - in S Korea for example, 28% of mobile data is over 5G.

While the initial market indicators are positive, we asked 75 operators who have launched 5G what they have learnt so far about 5G, the challenges encountered and what they think the future commercial prospects are for the technology.

The webinar will help those that are involved in developing 5G plans or rolling out 5G networks, as we showcase:

  • Which consumer and enterprise use cases operators have been prioritized – and what are their 5G product roadmap plans.
  • Do operators expect 5G to unlock potential of new consumer segments like AR/VR, cloud gaming, consumer IoT and smart home?
  • The most common network solution challenges that have been encountered – and how they can be overcome.
  • The implications of these use cases on new capability requirements – the extent to which Cloud NFVI platform, 5G Core, Edge, or Cloud RAN have been or will be deployed.
  • How operators are planning on evolving their access, and core network to accommodate the new capabilities.
The webinar will conclude with a view on the key lessons in designing and building a use-case centric 5G.

Key topics include:

  • Consumer and enterprise use cases
  • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, and Cloud RAN
  • Migration to 5G standalone, 5G Core & Orchestration
  • Cloud native NFVI platform & Edge
  • Surgical network planning & design

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