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SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Pumping the Power of PON & Fiber
Date: 6/16/2022
CommScope, VIAVI, Vecima, Harmonic
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Although DOCSIS still has plenty of fuel left in the tank, PON has clearly emerged as a critical alternative transmission method for the cable industry as operators increasingly install more fiber lines in their HFC plant. Whether they are leveraging EPON, GPON, 10G EPON, XGS PON or some other PON flavor, cablecos and vendors are increasingly deploying some version of PON technology over fiber to expand their bandwidth capacity.

How much fiber are operators adding to their networks? Which PON versions are proving to be the most popular and why? How can operators and vendors mix and match PON and DOCSIS in their networks?

This webinar will tackle these questions and more.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Working With 5G and Wi-Fi 6
Date: 5/19/2022
Red Hat
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Now that both 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are rolling out across the planet, cable operators have promising opportunities to use these two next-gen wireless technologies to broaden their reach and expand their service offerings. But both new wireless technologies present new technical, operational and competitive obstacles for operators and vendors accustomed to working in a wireline environment.

In this session, we will delve into those opportunities and obstacles and see how operators and vendors are working to incorporate 5G and Wi-Fi 6 into the cable HFC architecture and turn the two wireless platforms into the industry's latest gold mine.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Delivering IPTV in the Streaming Video Era
Date: 4/21/2022
WISI, Akamai
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With cord-cutting of traditional pay-TV services still running rampant, cable operators and other providers are increasingly adapting by switching to IP delivery of video content and embracing streaming video services. In particular, small and midsized operators are making the switch to slash video content acquisition and distribution costs and meet the ever-growing consumer demand for streaming services.

How are operators carrying out this move? What hurdles are they encountering? Which strategies are working so far?

In this session, we will probe for answers to these questions and more.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: DAA Duo: Flexing Both MAC and PHY
Date: 3/22/2022
Red Hat, Viavi, Harmonic, Vecima
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Following years of trials and tribulations, cable operators and vendors are increasingly rolling out distributed access architecture (DAA) technology to shift key functions and equipment from the cable headend to the HFC access network, thereby expanding the network's capacity to deliver new, more advanced services and operate more efficiently and effectively.

Now, thanks to CableLabs' new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) spec, industry technologists can freely choose among Remote PHY, Remote MAC/PHY, virtual CMTS and other DAA variants to meet their customer needs.

This webinar will explore the latest advances in FMA and other DAA tech standards, as well as look at where the industry stands with DAA trials and deployments now.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Swimming Upstream: How to Boost Upstream Network Capacity
Date: 2/17/2022
Vecima Networks, VIAVI, Teleste Intercept
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Faced with upstream traffic surges of 30% or more because of COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions, cable operators have been scrambling to boost their upstream capacity to handle the pandemic's lingering impact on their HFC networks.

With the aid of vendors, operators are focusing on both short and long-term relief measures, such as splitting more fiber nodes; deploying lower-gain amplifiers; executing mid-splits and high-splits; extending plant spectrum to 1.8 GHz and beyond; and leveraging technologies and techniques like Profile Management Application (PMA), Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and dynamic upstream configuration management to expand their upstream capacity.

In this session, we will delve into the various upstream expansion maneuvers, the challenges involved and the ways to overcome those hurdles.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Making Cable More Accessible
Date: 1/20/2022
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With millions of consumers dealing with vision impairment, hearing loss and other physical disabilities, cable operators and vendors have been making great strides in meeting the needs of these customers. Most notably, Comcast, Charter and Cox have all created special labs to design, develop and test new accessibility products and services. What have they come up with so far? What's in the works now? What else are they exploring?

In this session, experts will discuss the latest accessibility advances and the challenges they have had to overcome.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Virtualizing the Cable Access Network
Date: 12/16/2021
Cisco, Intel, Red Hat
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Despite getting off to a relatively late start, the cable industry is now staking out its own claim in the network virtualization space. Led by such major MSOs as Comcast, Liberty Global, Cox and Shaw, cable operators and their technology partners are particularly moving ahead with virtualizing the cable access network and edge-computing initiatives to meet growing bandwidth demands, boost service delivery, enhance network performance, slash operating costs and bring new products, services and features to market quicker. But much more work remains to be done. This webinar will review cable's latest virtualization moves, assess the industry's early progress, examine what's working and what's not and look at where cable goes next.

SCTE Live Learning Webinar™ Series: How to Test the Next-Gen Cable Network
Date: 11/18/2021
VIAVI & Red Hat
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Cable technologists love to talk about the great potential of DOCSIS 4.0, Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), Flexible MAC Architecture, Fiber Deep, network virtualization and other new technologies and specs. But, even as cable operators and their tech partners move ahead with upgrades of their HFC networks and deployments of these new technologies, they are running smack into fresh challenges testing, monitoring and maintaining these next-gen networks. This session will dive into the challenges of measuring, monitoring and testing the evolving cable network and discuss how operators and vendors are coping with these challenges.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Lighting Up Coherent Optics
Date: 10/21/2021
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Coherent optics is a long-standing long-haul technology that cable engineers are now exploring to vastly increase the amount of data delivered over HFC access networks, offer much higher speeds to customers and boost the optical performance of fiber links without overhauling the entire cable plant. With cable operators facing surging consumption of streaming video and ever-growing demand for bandwidth especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, coherent optics promises to be a powerful way to ease the mounting capacity loads very efficiently.

But how easily can this long-haul optical technology be adapted for cable access networks? What major challenges must still be overcome?

This webinar will focus on the great promise of coherent optics, the work that cable technologists are doing with it and the hurdles that they are seeking to scale.

SCTE® LiveLearning for Professionals Webinar™ Series: Engineering the DOCSIS® 4.0 Network (FDX & ESD).
Date: 9/23/2021
Red Hat. Harmonic & Technetix
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With DOCSIS 3.1 almost universally deployed, cable operators and vendors are now preparing for the rollout of yet another next-gen version of DOCSIS. Known as DOCSIS 4.0, this new set of specs incorporates the features of both Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD), giving operators two separate but complementary ways to expand their bandwidth capacity and deliver symmetrical speeds of 25 Gbps or more to broadband subscribers. In this session, we will delve into the details of DOCSIS 4.0, explore what the new specs will enable, discuss upcoming tests and trials and see what the timeline for deployments will be.

SCTE Live Learning Webinar™ Series: Tapping Into the Cloud
Date: 8/19/2021
Intel, Red Hat
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The cable industry is now ardently pursuing a software-based strategy as it seeks to shift network functions and services from their legacy proprietary hardware to the cloud. Led by such major MSOs as Comcast in North America and Liberty Global in Europe, cablecos have started disaggregating their access networks and virtualizing network firewalls, routers/gateways, set-top boxes, cable modem termination system (CMTS) chasses and other key functions and equipment. It's all part of a broader drive to boost bandwidth, lower latency levels, scale operations, slash operating costs and deliver more advanced services to subscribers. This session will explore cable's evolving cloud strategy, look at where those efforts may lead and examine what the industry still needs to do.

SCTE Live Learning Webinar™ Series: 10G or Bust: HFC & the Future Access Network
Date: 7/15/2021
Cisco, Harmonic & Teleste Intercept
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Facing potential competition from 5G-enabled fixed wireless, the cable industry is ardently pursuing an ambitious 10G (as in 10 Gbps) initiative to develop its multi-gigabit broadband prowess over a combination of HFC, fiber and wireless networks. But, even with the release of CableLabs' multi-gig DOCSIS 4.0 spec last year, it's not clear that cable operators and vendors are ready to make that next great leap to symmetrical 10 Gbps service. What will it take for the industry to get there? What are the chief hurdles that must still be surmounted? In this session, our team of technologists will evaluate the state of cable's 10G quest.

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