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5G Networking Digital Symposium Series - Day 2
Date: 6/4/2020
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Session One

Cloud Native 5G Core: Implementation, Deployment & Operations Strategies
Date 06/04/20 @ 11:00 A.M. ET
Platinum Sponsor: Amdocs
Gold Sponsor: Metaswitch

Presentations by Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading

The 5G Core (5GC) controls user session, mobility, and security in a 5G network. As such, it is integral to 5G network capabilities and to operator service offers. This webinar will investigate how operators can deploy 5G Core using cloud-native technologies and operating processes. Among the themes for this session will be:

  • Cloud-native 5G core design and implementation
  • Deploying and operating 5GC at the edge
  • Roadmap to 5G standalone; Integration with 4G core

Session Two

5G Security: Itís Complicated
Date 06/04/20 @ 12:30 P.M. ET
Platinum Sponsor: NetNumber
Gold Sponsor: A10 Networks

Presentations by Jim Hodges, Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

Effective 5G security strategies are not simply an extension of 4G security policies. In order to ensure complete security compliance, 5G security strategies must address the complex security implications of not only the new distributed core and radio networks, more powerful 5G devices, the implications of a fully separate data and control planes, as well as the mass-scale exposure of APIs, and security implications of slice-based services. This session will document the impacts of these five new 5G base of requirements and document best practices for deploying a comprehensive and sustainable security stance.

5G Networking Digital Symposium Series - Day 1
Date: 6/1/2020
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Session One

5G RAN Strategies: Designing for Coverage, Performance & Business Success
Date 06/01/20 @ 11:00 A.M. ET
Platinum Sponsor: Intel
Gold Sponsor: Red Hat

Presentations by Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading

The Radio Access Network (RAN) is the most critical part of mobile network, supporting billions of users and myriad businesses worldwide. This webinar will investigate strategies for expanding 5G RAN coverage and performance across diverse environments and locations. Among the themes for this session will be:

  • How to extend macro 5G RAN coverage and capacity using multiple frequency bands and advanced antenna technologies
  • Indoor 5G solutions and how/when to integrate with the wide-area network
  • The role for 5G small cells as part of an integrated RAN strategy

Session Two

Whatís in Your Toolbox? Making Sense of 5G Transport Requirements
Date 06/01/20 @ 12:30 P.M. ET
Platinum Sponsor: Fujitsu

Presentations by Sterling Perring, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading, Fujitsu, and one network operator keynote

Operators are in the midst of defining their long-term transport architectures to support the mass-scale 5G rollout of the next several years. Transport options abound but choosing the right transport tools for the job is not always straight-forward Ė and the stakes are high. This session explores the most promising 5G transport options, from fronthaul to backhaul and from optics to packets and evaluates pluses and minuses in different scenarios:

  • Does the choice of radio spectrum affect choice of transport technologies?
  • Are the transport network priorities and trade-offs in centralized RAN- architectures versus distributed RANS?
  • Will macro cell connectivity requirements and technology options differ from small cells?
  • Do edge computing plans affect transport network architectures, and vice versa?

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