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SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar™ Series: Sizing Up the New Cable Tech Landscape
Date: 1/21/2021
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Now that CableLabs and SCTE|ISBE are becoming one, cable tech advances are bound to accelerate as the combined organization doubles down on making the industry’s 10G quest a reality. Which advances will likely come first? What will be the priorities of the newly enlarged specs and standards group? Join us for a special LiveLearning session as we speak with the leaders of CableLabs and SCTE|ISBE about their vision and plans.

SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Dreaming of Streaming Video
Date: 12/10/2020
WISI, Active Video, Harmonic, TiVo
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Led by Apple, Disney, NBCUniversal and AT&T, some of the world’s largest media companies are now entering the booming streaming video space. For both pay-TV providers and legacy OTT video providers, this is making the video market even riskier and messier than before. But for cable, there may also be a silver lining here because of the potential opportunities that the increasingly crowded streaming space could provide. This webinar will explore the new avenues that may open up for the industry and the new ways that cable operators can reinvent their old pay-TV business models by playing in the streaming video market.

SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Testing the Next-Gen Cable Network
Date: 11/19/2020
Harmonic, Red Hat & VIAVI
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Cable technologists love to expound about the potential of DOCSIS 4.0, Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), Fiber Deep, network virtualization and the like. But, even as cable operators and their tech partners push ahead with HFC network upgrades and deployments of new technologies, they are also running into fresh challenges testing, monitoring and maintaining those next-gen networks. In this session, we will look at the core functions of measuring, monitoring and testing the next-gen cable network and see where those methods and techniques stand.

SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series™: Virtualizing the Cable Access Network
Date: 10/22/2020
Red Hat, Harmonic & Intel
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Following a relatively late start, the cable industry is now staking out its own turf in the network virtualization space. Led by such major MSOs as Comcast, Liberty Global and Cox, cable operators and their technology partners are particularly moving ahead with the virtualization of the cable access network to meet growing bandwidth demands, boost service delivery and performance, slash operating costs and bring new products, services and features to market much faster. But much more work remains to be done. This webinar will assess cable's latest virtualization efforts, examine the early deployments and trials, explore what's working and what's not and look at where cable goes next.
SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar™ Series: Getting Ready for DOCSIS® 4.0
Date: 9/17/2020
Antronix, Red Hat, Corning, Teleste
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Known as DOCSIS® 4.0, this emerging set of specs will incorporate the features of both Full Duplex DOCSIS® (FDX) and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® (ESD), giving cable operators two different but complementary options for expanding their bandwidth capacity and delivering symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds to broadband subscribers.

Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies - Day One Kickoff
Date: 8/26/2020
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Cloud-native network functions and applications that can run on public/private clouds enable a host of new services that can help cable operators diversify and grow. They offer MSOs an opportunity to shift towards a NaaS / SaaS / iPaaS consumption model, enabling them to access new applications and deploy new services quicker without owning the heavy infrastructure.

Kickoff Session: Leveraging Cloud-Based Private LTE/5G, SD-WAN and IoT Platforms to Deliver Next-Gen Cable Services

In this session, we will analyze how cloud-native network functions and applications that can run on public/private clouds enable new cable services using three examples:

  • Private LTE/5G Network as a Service (NaaS)
  • Cloud-hosted SD-WAN/application as a Service (SaaS)
  • IoT Platform as Service (iPaaS)
Our experts will explore the architecture, operational models and merits of this consumption-based application delivery model for each use case.

Chandan Mohapatra, Nokia
Ram Sridharan, Nokia
Vik Saxena, Nokia

SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Closing the GAP on GAP
Date: 8/20/2020
Antronix, Intel
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Under an evolving SCTE/ISBE standard known as the Generic Access Platform (GAP), cable technologists are now working on a fiber-optic node initiative that will standardize the node housings and the interfaces for various service modules that can be plugged into the node like Lego bricks. Rather than having to deploy or rip down discrete, proprietary nodes from various vendors for FTTP, DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi, 5G, wireless backhaul and so on, cable operators could instead snap in one standardized node housing or discard the modules as needed.

This webinar will look at the emerging GAP standard, the promise that the modular node initiative offers, the initial use cases for it and the hurdles that still must be overcome.

SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: 10G vs. 5G
Date: 7/16/2020
VIAVI, Nokia, Corning
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Over the last couple of years, cable operators have embraced mobile as a key part of their product bundles. In the U.S., for instance, Comcast, Charter and Altice have all launched MVNOs with either Verizon or Sprint/T-Mobile. But now, with the rollout of fifth-generation wireless technology, the big question is whether cablecos can use their bold 10 Gigabit broadband initiative to trump or leverage 5G or will lose out to telcos harnessing the technology to deliver competitive services. In this session, we will focus on the opportunities and challenges that 5G presents for the cable industry as it pursues its 10G ambitions.

SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Tapping Into the Cloud
Date: 6/18/2020
Red Hat, Harmonic, Intel, Nokia
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Despite getting off to a relatively late start, the cable industry is now ardently pursuing a software-based strategy, seeking to shift various functions and services to the cloud. So far, operators and vendors are focusing on moving key functions of network firewalls, routers, set-top boxes and even CMTS chasses to the cloud as they look to boost their capacity, scale their operations, increase their network efficiencies and roll out new services. This session will explore cable's cloud strategy, look at where those efforts may lead and assess what the industry still needs to do.

SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Smart Pipes, Smarter Cities
Date: 5/21/2020
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As more and more cities move to improve service delivery and streamline operations by adopting Internet of things (IoT) technologies, a large new market is emerging for cable operators and vendors who can supply the equipment and software to support these next-gen applications. Whether the cities want to implement smart traffic lighting, smart parking, smart trash pickups, smart water meters or the like, they all require smart transmission pipes that deliver more broadband capacity than ever before. In this webinar, we will look at how cable operators and their tech partners are maneuvering to offer those smart pipes, the services they're offering, the challenges they're encountering and the lessons they're learning.
SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar Series: Playing with PON
Date: 4/16/2020
VIAVI, Intraway, Corning, Intel
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Even though DOCSIS may still have a long life ahead of it, PON is rapidly emerging as an important alternative transmission technology for cable operators as they install more fiber lines. Whether they are leveraging EPON, GPON, 10G EPON or the other various PON flavors, cablecos and vendors are increasingly deploying PON to meet their customers' bandwidth needs. How is the industry leveraging the different PONs? What are the requirements for deploying the technology? How can operators and vendors mesh PON and DOCSIS? This webinar will tackle questions like these and more.
SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar: Extending the Spectrum
Date: 3/26/2020
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In their never-ending pursuit of more bandwidth, cable technologists are now working on new DOCSIS specs that would raise the industry's RF spectrum ceiling from the current 1.2GHz limit to at least 1.8GHz. At the same time, they are exploring options to raise the ceiling to 3GHz in the near future and possibly as high as 6GHz later on. This webinar will focus of the options for extending the plant spectrum, the opportunities that those options will open up and the challenges that the effort will present.
SCTE•ISBE Live Learning Webinar: Making Way for DAA
Date: 2/20/2020
SCTE, Harmonic, Red Hat, Vecima, VIAVI
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Following years of fits and starts, cable operators and vendors in both North America and Europe are finally starting to roll out various distributed access architecture (DAA) options for shifting key headend functions and equipment to the access network, thereby expanding the HFC network's capacity to deliver new, more advanced services and operate more efficiently and effectively. But, whether they are leveraging Remote PHY, Remote MAC/PHY or some other type of DAA, cablecos and their tech partners are finding that deploying DAA is even harder than expected. In this session, we will examine the latest DAA moves by operators and vendors, the strategies they are pursuing, the hurdles they are encountering and the early lessons they are learning.
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