The Multicore Challenge to Embedded Systems Programming: How to scale with Maintained Performance and Determinism
Date / Time: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 9:00 a.m. New York/ 2:00 p.m. London
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Simon Stanley, Analyst at Large, Heavy Reading

Rassmuss Graaf, Field Application Engineer, Enea

Patrik Strömblad, Senior Systems Architect, Enea

Multicore technology causes a significant disruption to the embedded software domain and introduces a great challenge to the entire software industry. Much of the existing software needs to be modified to achieve deterministic performance scalability on a multicore processor.

4G wireless network base band processing is a typical example of where scalable multicore solutions are needed. Moving towards 5G, the performance demand will grow even more, requiring cost-efficient usage of multicore devices. Multicore solutions are quickly gaining ground and, in the not too distant future, will become the standard norm for most embedded devices. Now is the time for the industry to embrace this shift in order to secure future-proof systems.

During this session, we will discuss the challenges imposed on operating systems and embedded application software by the shift to multicore solutions. Tradeoffs in performance, latency and functionality will be discussed together with the complexities introduced by scalability. Finally a solution strategy is proposed.


Simon Stanley, Analyst at Large, Heavy Reading
Simon is founder and principal consultant of Earlswood Marketing, an independent market analysis and consulting company based in the U.K. His work has included investment due diligence, market analysis for investors and business/product strategy for semiconductor companies. Simon has written extensively for Heavy Reading and Light Reading, and he authors the bimonthly Heavy Reading Components Insiderresearch newsletter, covering the latest developments in telecom silicon and subsystems. His reports and Webinars cover a variety of communications-related subjects, including LTE, policy management, SDN/NFV, IMS, ATCA, 100/400G optical components, multicore processors, switch chipsets, network processors and optical transport. He has also run several Light Reading events, including Next-Generation Network Components and ATCA. Simon holds a bachelor's degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Brunel University, London.

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Rassmuss Graaf, Field Application Engineer, Enea
Rasmuss Graaf has a background from development of OSE with extensive experience in multicore operating systems design. Today he acts as technical advisor for customer deployments of multicore. Rasmuss's experience is in high-performance software solutions, primarily focusing on the telecom field and the enablement of next-generation telecom networks.

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Patrik Strömblad, Senior Systems Architect, Enea
Patrik Strömblad has been designing distributed real-time operating systems for 28 years, with the focus on how the evolving multicore technology affects the system architecture during the latest 12 years. Patrik was Chief Architect for the OSE Multicore Edition product line for a decade, but is currently focusing on research to enhance the performance and predictability of OS platforms on embedded multicore devices.

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