5G Messaging Poised to Deliver Ecosystem Innovation
Date / Time: Thursday, December 17, 2020, 9:00 a.m. London
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As more telcos deploy 5G networks, they will need a strategy for not only supporting their legacy messaging services on 3G and 4G networks, but also for creating revenue from messaging over 5G. Messaging remains an important service for telcos, for P2P, business-to-consumer and machine-to-machine (IoT). 5G Messaging offers telcos the opportunity to upgrade text-based SMS to rich messaging, and to tap into new service scenarios for IoT, while providing backwards compatibility with 3G and 4G networks, which will take telcos some years to completely phase out. Firmly rooted in telco standards and therefore already supported in 5G platforms, 5G Messaging provides revenue opportunities for telcos in the consumer, enterprise and IoT markets. This webinar will provide an introduction to 5G Messaging, examine business models, and provide a detailed case study of 5G Messaging in action at China Mobile.

Agenda and key topics include:

  • Introduction to 5G Messaging
  • The business case for 5G Messaging
  • The 5G Messaging platform
  • 5G Messaging case study: China Mobile

Huang Xiaobing, Chief Engineer of ZTE Messaging Service, ZTE | bio Chen Ming, VAS Marketing Director, ZTE | bio
Pamela Clark-Dickson, Principal analyst, Advanced Messaging and Communications, Service Provider Consumer, Service Provider and Communications, Omdia | bio

Joined ZTE Corporation in 2003, and have been working in messaging and related field with more than 18 years covering different positions such as R&D, system engineer & product planning.

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Joined in ZTE Corporation in 2005, and have been working in VAS field with more than 15 years, covering different position such as VAS product planning, sales and marketing.

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As part of Omdia’s Service Provider and Communications team, Pamela Clark-Dickson covers the global communications apps and services sector. She tracks the strategies of telcos and messaging apps, application-to-person (A2P) communications service providers and vendors, and the Rich communications services (RCS) ecosystem. Pamela regularly produces analysis, reports, data trackers, and forecasts on these sectors. She also covers players, strategies and developments in adjacent markets, including social media, Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), and WebRTC.

Pamela’s experience in consultancy comprises multiple projects for operators, vendors, and telecoms suppliers, including white papers, workshops, webinars, surveys and speaking engagements. She is a regular speaker and chair at industry events, including the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Shanghai.

Pamela has covered the telecoms sector for more than 20 years as an analyst and journalist and joined Informa UK (the owner of Omdia) in 2002. She previously worked as a technology journalist in Australia for Informa Australia, Auscom Publishing, and Reed Elsevier. Pamela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.

A highlight of Pamela’s career was helping break the news in April 2013 that chat app messages exceeded global SMS traffic volumes, underlining the emergence of the messaging app as a successful new mobile communications tool.

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Susan James is senior director of telecommunications strategy at Red Hat. She is a senior leader in the telecommunications industry, and is currently driving technology introductions to mass market deployment. A strategic systems thinker, she has extensive experience with Cloud and has worked on a range of network functions and virtualization platforms in recent years. Her product management expertise is derived from a career-long focus on developing products to address technology transitions and the establishment of new business areas.

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Francois is a Senior Solutions Architect in the Red Hat’s Telco Technology Office and collaborates with telecom service providers and partners across EMEA. Passionate about security, Francois leads the NFV security domain and is the Red Hat’s technical interface to the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI). Before Red Hat, he spent more than 15 years contributing to network evolution especially towards cloud platforms.

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