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Network and Service Assurance Optimization With Machine Learning
Date / Time: Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 10.00 a.m New York / 3.00 p.m London
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James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst – Service Provider IT and Automation, Heavy Reading

Rajmund Zieliński, IA&A Product Manager, Comarch

Wojciech Dziunikowski, Head of Product Management, Comarch

Tomasz Faltyński, Product Manager, Comarch

Artificial Intelligence applications, particularly those based on Machine Learning, are beginning to emerge in the communications networking domain to address the operational challenges posed by SDN and NFV. Increased complexity is driving the need for increased automation to ensure efficient operations. ML can enable higher levels of automation and make predictions for maintenance and capacity planning.

ML could support network operators to detect faults in real time, diagnose root causes, correlate across multiple events, filter out false alarms, and recommend solutions. Although some of these capabilities are built into existing service assurance solutions, these may struggle with the advent of 5G and IoT. Traditional rule-based alarm correlation requires a lot of manual rule maintenance. With ML we could instead train a system to devise its own rules on the fly.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why traditional rule-based systems will not be able to scale to meet increasingly complex networks.
  • How ML can be used to filter alarms based on clustering and classification.
  • How ML can enable ongoing recalculation of baseline metrics in order to better identify anomalies and avoid false negatives.
  • How ML can contribute to open loop automation (where humans remain in control), semi-closed-loop automation (where ML makes recommendations), and closed loop automation (zero touch).
  • How to address the black box “syndrome” and auditability challenge of ML-based decisions.
  • Why ML-based analytics need to serve multiple personas within the organization across customer experience, service operations, product management, OSS and IT.
  • What are the key elements to a successful application of ML in networking (data quality, adaptation of business processes, etc.).


James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst – Service Provider IT and Automation, Heavy Reading
James leads Heavy Reading's OSS/BSS research service. He examines the breadth of software used by communications service providers in customer, business, service and infrastructure management. James's areas of focus include BSS, OSS, SDP, policy management, revenue assurance, service assurance, analytics and business intelligence. He is particularly interested in the impact of SDN and NFV on operator's IT systems.

Prior to joining Heavy Reading, James worked for more than 15 years as an analyst covering technology and telecom companies for various investment banks and industry research firms. He previously worked as a management consultant in industry.

James holds a BSc and MEng in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester, England.

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Rajmund Zieliński, IA&A Product Manager, Comarch
Rajmund Zielinski is a Product Manager in the Intelligent Assurance & Analytics Team. Responsible for creating a strategy and vision for product development, and for meeting the requirements of the next version of the product on the basis of information from customers and market trend analysis. Actively works with sales and marketing departments, as well as consulting, implementation and production teams, to consolidate a shared vision and convergence of activities through the IAA team. His experience (17 years) working with a variety of tools in service assurance for a great mobile services operator allows him to understand customer needs and define them to deliver implementation.

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Wojciech Dziunikowski, Head of Product Management, Comarch
Wojciech Dziunikowski is Head of the Product Management Team responsible for the Integrated Intelligent Assurance & Analytics part of the Comarch OSS portfolio which includes products such as Customer Experience Management, Service Quality Management, Service Assurance and Fault Management. To his daily duties he applies experience gained from the academic (five years) and industry (eight years) perspectives. This gives him the ability to view the telecommunications market and specific customer needs from a broader perspective. Wojciech has played different roles, including those of analyst, project manager and business consultant in several R&D and implementation projects for global and European Tier-1 and Tier-2 telecom operators.

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Tomasz Faltyński, Product Manager, Comarch
An experienced, result-producing professional with over 10 years of experience in telco performance and monitoring, with practical knowledge about the design and implementation of monitoring solutions and data analytics. Lately focused on solving problems and automating operational processes by using machine learning algorithms.

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