WaveSmith Scores Osmine

WaveSmith Networks Inc. is the latest equipment vendor to announce a milestone in getting Osmine certification from Telcordia Technologies Inc. (see WaveSmith OK for Telcordia OSS).

Compliance with Osmine, the set of operations support system (OSS) software that manages most RBOC networks, continues to be a must-have for any vendor hoping to sell to North American incumbents. Today's news shows that WaveSmith is serious about courting RBOCs (regional Bell operating companies), as are many other vendors (see Tellabs Trumpets Osmine, LuxN Passes Osmine, Sycamore Completes Osmine, Ciena Completes Osmine, and Actelis Hits Osmine Milestone). It also shows those carriers aren't breaking Telcordia's grip on their network management software anytime soon.

It's no surprise that WaveSmith, one of Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies, is intent on RBOC business. For one thing, RBOCs are seen as the best hope for North American telecom, and WaveSmith is clearly following the money these days (see WaveSmith Gets $30M, Signs With Ciena and WaveSmith Gets New CEO).

It also helps that partner Ciena Corp. (Nasdaq: CIEN) views RBOCs as key to its own success (see Ciena Follows the Incumbents). WaveSmith's clearly vested in going where Ciena leads, since it's relying on Ciena for key sales contacts. There's even been talk that Ciena may buy WaveSmith, in which case it would pay to have all Osmine ducks in order on both sides (see Will Ciena Put Cash to Use?).

"Anytime you sell into the RBOCs, it's important to have Osmine compliance," says Tom Mock, Ciena's VP of portfolio management. WaveSmith understands that, he says.

WaveSmith's had its Distributed Node (DN) switch certified to work with TIRKS (Trunk Integrated Record Keeping System), the enormous database used by most North American RBOCs to track and provision carrier circuits.

In January, WaveSmith plans to announce certification of the DN for working with NMA, Telcordia's net monitoring and fault management system. In March or April 2003, the vendor hopes to certify its gear for use with Telcordia's Network Configuration Manager, software that manages Layer 2 functions in switches.

Of course, none of this effort guarantees WaveSmith specific contracts. But WaveSmith and other vendors involved in Osmine certification say they choose which OSSs to focus on, based on input from Telcordia and the RBOCs they hope will buy their wares.

WaveSmith's announcement is a clear indicator that Osmine elements, like the slew of other Osmine software governing telco networks, aren't going away anytime soon -- despite complaints from vendors and RBOCs alike.

Vendors, for instance, must not only shell out big bucks to Telcordia for consulting and integration services, they also must repeat certification each time they introduce a new version of their equipment.

Some sources say that despite these costs, the RBOCs carry the heaviest burden of cost for Telcordia software, since they are the ones saddled with high bills for ongoing maintenance of Osmine programs.

For the foreseeable future, though, it looks as if WaveSmith and other vendors will continue to pay gladly for the privilege of working with the legacy software in RBOC networks. Their hope is that the RBOCs will appreciate the effort.

— Mary Jander, Senior Editor, Light Reading
gea 12/4/2012 | 9:15:40 PM
re: WaveSmith Scores Osmine Mary:
"Pay gladly" is not how I'd phrase the emotions normally involved in forking over $3 million for OSMINE!!!
Dredgie 12/4/2012 | 9:15:39 PM
re: WaveSmith Scores Osmine I do believe that the statement was made Gǣtongue-in-cheekGǥ
Lightmare 12/4/2012 | 9:15:38 PM
re: WaveSmith Scores Osmine When you called in to verify the story and possibly quote some of the people who work there did you by chance come across anything suspicious?
rainbowarrior 12/4/2012 | 9:09:46 PM
re: WaveSmith Scores Osmine
Q: What's the difference between Osmine and The Saprano's?

A: One's about a group of organized criminal, shakedown artists from Jersey and the other's a TV show.
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