Vos Dat?

3:00 PM -- Red Panda has come across the following unbelievably fey profile of one Esme Vos (editor and conditioning shampoo) on "Unplugged," an online publication that appears to be little more than a shameless mouthpiece for some wireless LAN event in the U.K.

Totally Twee

Any "life in the day" article that starts like this needs to be taken out, criminalized, then dipped in acid:

    I get up at 6:30am and write fiction until 9am. I have breakfast, then I answer emails related to Muniwireless. These emails comes from city officials, journalists, vendors, advertisers, friends, etc. Then I go to the health club around 11:30am or if the weather permits, I go running (around 5 miles). I come back, have a light lunch, then work on the articles for Muniwireless.

Really? God, how fascinating. Please, tell us more...

    In the late afternoon I take a break for tea (30 minutes). I work until about 7:00pm then take a break for dinner with my husband. I start earlier (around 6:30pm) if I am cooking. I resume with emails after dinner and talk to people who are calling from the West Coast (of the US). I am based in Amsterdam which is 9 hours ahead of California so I schedule these calls for after-dinner. Finally around 9:30pm I meditate for 45 minutes to an hour before going to bed.


Wha? Oh, sorry. You're done? Well, thanks for sharing, Esme.

Now, please excuse Red Panda while he kills himself.

— Red "If you could only see me now, I have my head resting on little furry paws and I'm staring wistfully at my keyboard" Panda, Light Reading

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