VOIP Hacker Blues

12:50 PM -- From The Philter's "It Sucks To Be…" Department, we bring you an update on the defense fund for Robert Moore.

Background: Moore is accused by federal authorities of being part of a scam where two men sold voice minutes to carriers, then took the carrier traffic and illegally routed it over the IP networks of at least 15 companies, which then had to pay for traffic that wasn't theirs.

The whole scam, explained here, is said to have helped Moore and his partner to bag more than $1 million in profits. So, yes, you can get something for nothing. Until you get caught.

Now the update: A Website set up to raise money for the legal defense of Robert Moore is now failing about as badly as Moore's alleged VOIP hacking scheme. The site has been taking donations since June 10 and has raised a whopping $680.47 to date.


According to a post on the site, "Robert was released to his parents under a $100,000.00 unsecured bond."

On Moore's personal Website, he features articles on network security and links to hacking tools like Global Brute Forcer, which is an application that helps hackers break into networks because it keeps guessing network passwords until it gets the right one.

Awesome. The courts love that kind of thing.

— Phil Harvey, Another Hack Editor, Light Reading

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