Voice: The Old New Killer App?

Operators want to breathe new life into voice, but it will take more than better-quality calling

brookseven 5/3/2013 | 4:06:57 PM
re: Voice: The Old New Killer App? Sarah,

When T-mobile retired their UMA service...they didn't really retire it. They renamed it WiFi calling. What that means is that I can use my cell to make VoIP calls over WiFi and not use minutes. T-mobile is not supporting it on its iPhone but is on many Android devices (I am on an S3).

Why I like it is the basically free service that I have and I minimize minute usage. It also allows me to get service inside buildings where I often have trouble. My favorite bit with it was that I was recently in Canada and never had any roaming charges. I just used the hotel's WiFi. :)

Sarah Thomas 5/3/2013 | 2:25:50 PM
re: Voice: The Old New Killer App? Wait, say more! What's the WiFi calling feature -- Bobsled?
brookseven 5/3/2013 | 1:10:44 PM
re: Voice: The Old New Killer App? All I can say about voice is I love my WiFi Calling feature on my T-mobile cell phone.

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