Vodafone 3G: Party On!

Where can you rub shoulders with Vodafone Group plc (NYSE: VOD) chief executive Arun Sarin, accidentally [ed. note: cough, cough] spill champagne over supermodel Eva Herzigova, and still get to look like a sad geek all alone with his mobile phone by the evening's end?

Why, Vodafone’s 3G Live! launch party in London of course.

The carrier threw the glittering gala to -- finally! -- launch its 3G service in the whole of the known world... or the U.K., parts of Continental Europe, and Japan, anyway. And your trusty Unstrung reporter was at the eye of the media maelstrom to bring you all the news on the canapes and fancy booze... er, exciting Vodafone Live! video and digital audio services! enabled by 3G technology!

And what did we find out, apart from what we already knew: That telecom people dress badly for a party, no matter how hard they try? [Ed. note: Click on our new "Dancing" tab at the top of this page if you don't believe us.]

Well, the Vodafone Live! service really does work a whole lot better on these new-fangled third-generation networks. (See Voodoo Launches 3G).

Consider: Your reporter downloaded a 1.7-Mbit music file in a couple of minutes (Jamelia’s "Superstar," since you ask); took a bunch of photos and forwarded them to email; and made a few video calls. All without a hitch.

Not only that, your reporter also did the mundane stuff, like check the Unstrung and Light Reading WAP sites, read the news, and watch last weekend’s Premiership footer highlights. All in an evening’s work, eh?

Sure, this isn’t the end-game for mobile data services, and Vodafone UK CEO Bill Morrow made the point that the launch was part of a “long-term game plan” for 3G.

The show ended with, you guessed it, Jamelia performing “Superstar” -- live!

— "Giddy" Gabriel Brown, Chief Analyst, Unstrung Insider

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