Vivato Goes Wide

One-time wireless LAN switch contender Vivato Inc. is back, positioning itself as a metro-scale player with new deals in Tampa, Fla., and rural Washington (see Vivato Touts Double Deal).

Vivato publicly turned its back on "all that switch BS" this spring (see Vivato Switches Sides).

The firm is now touting its products as indoor and outdoor "WiFi basestations" that can be twinned with its smaller 802.11 access points (or "microcells" if you prefer) and wireless LAN repeaters ("picocells") to cover large areas.

The firm used six of these outdoor boxes and a "handful" of its microcells and picocells to cover 1,500 square miles in Walla Walla, Wash., according to Kevin Ryan, VP of marketing and business development.

The boxes were installed on towers, buildings, and poles. "In a lot of cases we're getting very good line-of-sight, particularly in rural areas -- there's not a lot of stuff in the way," says Ryan.

As it moves into the metro-scale market, Vivato will compete with other startups like BelAir Networks [Ed note: home to a number of Vivato veterans], Firetide Inc., and Tropos Networks.

Unlike most of these firms, Vivato is not using mesh networking to extend the coverage of its wireless networks. But Ryan says that Vivato is working on "higher-level mesh software" for its products.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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