ThinkAnalytics pitches personalized images for the UI

LONDON and LOS ANGELES – ThinkAnalytics today unveiled Personalized Images, which recommends personalized images from multiple catalogs on the UI, content carousels and program guides based on the viewer's interests and profile. Personalized Images applies advanced AI techniques and information science to automate the process of selecting the best and most appealing image for each viewer, further boosting engagement and monetization across all platforms. This further differentiates ThinkAnalytics market leading position with even greater functionality and extensive use case library.

Complementing ThinkAnalytics' Content Discovery Engine, Personalized Images supports images and metadata from a ubiquitous range of sources, including those from customers and third parties. Results from early customer deployments have produced impressive and consistent uplifts of 10-15% compared to displaying a single standard image. By dynamically selecting program images, Personalized Images helps to increased viewership, monetize content and increase the number of titles and hours watched per viewer.


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