Qwilt makes CDN connection with NCTC members

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) and Qwilt announce significant progress on the initiative to upgrade NCTC member networks across the United States, providing high-quality content delivery and better digital experiences for up to 34 million households in the US.

In November 2021, NCTC and Qwilt launched a joint initiative to upgrade NCTC's member networks across the United States, helping to quickly increase their capacity at a time when on-demand and live streaming continues to grow and dominate traffic in ISP networks during primetime. The partnership leverages Qwilt's unique CDN technology within NCTC member networks to create a nationwide federated CDN. As of June 2022, 100+ NCTC members have signed up to deploy this upgrade in their networks, and the program is still open for qualifying members.

This content delivery upgrade project is a first of its kind in the US. Every NCTC member deploying the solution is federated by Qwilt's cloud service so content publishers can access the entire national CDN through a single API. Qwilt's technology is compliant with Open Caching guidelines from the Streaming Video Alliance which define an interoperable network of caches for content delivery. The solution is powered by Qwilt's Edge Cloud for Content Delivery platform and runs on Cisco's edge compute and networking infrastructure, so it can be delivered as-a-service to NCTC members.

The innovative program includes new hardware and CDN technology, installed at no extra cost to members in their networks. It also enables them to share in new services revenue generated by the federated platform. The outcome of the initiative ensures all members of the value chain – service providers, streaming platforms, and end-users – benefit from higher-quality streaming.

National Cable Telecommunications Cooperative

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