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SlideshowCisco Slashes Storage for Cloud DVR

Cisco photo inside the demo room at CES 2018
Cisco photo inside the demo room at CES 2018

EdwardThirlwall 9/3/2018 | 8:54:06 AM
hi Seems like there are already a lot of redundant storage systems floating around if you think about it. And just how are security systems supposed to be able to keep all of these replicas safe when there are just so many points of entry and access and communication? Seems like a big mess to me so thank goodness I don't actually have to manage all of that!
Phil_Britt 1/17/2018 | 6:40:57 AM
re: The only issue with on-demand streaming is the availability of content when the user wants it. How much content will be available and when. What if I want to watch a Christmas movie in mid-summer. With DVR and a recorded program, I can do that. Streaming may only make those movies available "in-season."
komatineni 1/11/2018 | 6:36:25 AM
re: It's incredible and I must say storage is still probably the major cost factor in Video world (excluding the content costs of course). The big question is how long the "DVR" concept going to exist whether it's in-house or in the cloud. I can see the user behaviour moving to on-demand streaming which means it's no longer going to be 'recorded' but streamed whenever wherever on whatever device.

The storage savings or optimization of storage is going to be extremely important in that scenario.

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