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Why We're Working With NCTC

Just in case you missed the formal announcement late last month, Light Reading and NCTC have struck a deal to create and market multimedia content for smaller and independent cable operators in North America.

Under this new agreement, Light Reading and the National Cable Television Cooperative Inc. (NCTC) will team up to produce a range of multimedia content assets, including webinars, video interviews and other thought leadership materials for smaller operators. Similar to an earlier deal that we made with the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) , Light Reading will assume the primary role in producing these multimedia materials, backed by strong content, branding, promotional, speaker and other support from NCTC.

The agreement also calls for the two organizations to work together in producing and marketing Light Reading's annual series of cable, video and broadband conferences and breakfast workshops, with NCTC providing content, speakers and other support for the events. Plus, Light Reading editors and Heavy Reading analysts will organize and moderate panels at NCTC's two annual conventions; a practice that began last year. Further, NCTC executives and members may start contributing regular blogs to the Light Reading news site. (See Light Reading & NCTC Partner to Create Multimedia Cable Content.)

In the first joint project this year, the two organizations will produce and market a series of six webinars on key cable tech topics. Targeted at smaller and independent cable providers, these one-hour webinars will tackle such hot subjects as DOCSIS 3.1/gigabit services, OTT video, cable business services, virtualization, TV Everywhere and cable WiFi.

So why is Light Reading undertaking this historic partnership with NCTC now? Let's spell out the reasons.

For one thing, NCTC and its 850 members offer great expertise on a vast range of technical and operational subjects. With its broad reach across the US and Canada, the group is by far the premier organization in North America addressing these issues for smaller and independent service providers. We intend to draw heavily on that expertise in developing fresh, insightful content and events for our readers and viewers, especially as the industry's focus switches more to the smaller providers as the bigger MSOs continue to merge and converge.

For another, NCTC will give us access to an even wider range of cable and related professionals than we reach today. With its nearly 1,000 members spread around the continent, the organization will help us bring our news stories, research reports, webinars, surveys, white papers, videos and events to the widest possible cable audience.

Moreover, we're teaming up with NCTC because the two organizations have similar missions -- educating and informing the communications industry and the rest of humanity about technology news, trends and developments. Both organizations are also firmly committed to shaping the discussion over where the communications industry is heading and how it should proceed.

The first products of our new partnership with NCTC should be coming out by June. Please keep an eye on this space for updates.

— Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading

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