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What Is Holland? And Who Are the Dutch?

Anyone who's anyone in the wonderful world of video is heading to Amsterdam this week for the week-long jamboree that is IBC -- and how appropriate is it that the city of "coffee shops" is hosting a community so focused on the definition of the term "ultra-high"?

To celebrate all things 4K/8K/UHD (there's the ultra-high link, folks), the Light Reading team has already identified the hot topics -- see Top TV Trends Heading Into IBC and IBC CEO Highlights Top Trends for This Year's Show -- and shipped off two of our (non-smoking) brethren -- Iain Morris and Adi Kishore -- to the city of tulips, canals, wooden shoes and Vermeer veneers.

And as Iain and Adi prepare for a quiet night in with a small glass each of Heineken (gag!), we can't help but pose the classic question about Europe's northern lowlands -- What Is Holland?

— Ray Le Maistre, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

Mitch Wagner 9/20/2016 | 8:04:23 PM
Re: What is the big deal for people attending IBC? Light Reading trend: Visiting cities where the devil's lettuce is legal.
[email protected] 9/7/2016 | 12:53:35 PM
What is the big deal for people attending IBC?  Once everyone figures out what Holland is and who the Dutch are, what's floating people's boats at this year's IBC, beyond UHD?
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