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Omniverse Will 'Engage Quickly' to Resolve ACE-Led Copyright Allegations

KANSAS CITY, MO. -- Omniverse responds to the complaint filed in California court by Munger Tolles & Olson LLP on behalf of a group of movie studios and television networks. Case number 2:19-cv-01156, Central District of California, Western Division.

While Omniverse disagrees with the substance and the specifics of the allegations made against the company in a recent California court filing, we are highly supportive of the mission that the plaintiffs and their partners in the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) are carrying out. Omniverse believes there is no place in the industry for media pirates and, consistent with the plaintiffs, believes their legitimate business has been harmed by the unlicensed distribution of media content.

Consistent with our shared goals for the industry, Omniverse intends to engage quickly and constructively with the plaintiffs and their legal counsel to resolve their concerns with Omniverse’s business and where possible support them in their greater goal of eliminating piracy from our industry. It is our belief that when this process is complete, that both sides will be satisfied with the outcome.

Any questions regarding this matter should be referred to Tucker Byrd or Stephen Milbrath with Byrd Campbell, 180 Park Avenue North, Suite 2A, Winter Park, FL 32789

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