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Huawei and Partners Jointly Hold the Asia Pacific 4K Business Forum

SINGAPORE -- Huawei and 24 partners, including content providers, carriers, terminal providers, chip manufacturers, and evaluation agencies, jointly held the Asia Pacific 4K business forum in Singapore during Communic Asia 2016. The theme of the forum is "collaboration for positive business cycle in the video industry," where the attendees got together to discuss on deepening cooperation to promote the video industry development for the Asia Pacific region.

As the ultra-broadband and video industry rapidly develops, video has become a basic service for carriers. Over 50% of carriers worldwide have started developing their own video service. In the 4K era, UHD video services place higher requirements on the end-to-end capabilities of an industry chain, which calls for a platform for dialogues among the video industry chain. The attendees all agreed that a new business model of "content+operation+pipe+terminal" can help carriers with the business success of their video strategies and fuel the video industry development in the Asian Pacific region.

"The video industry is embracing both opportunities and challenges in terms of content manufacturing, 4K terminal popularization, service operation, and user experience guarantee," said Zeng Xingyun, Vice President of Huawei Fixed Network Product Line. "With positive business cycle of 4K videos as the starting point, this forum can promote cross-domain dialogues in the video industry and facilitate cooperation in content, terminal, operation, network, and technical services. This can optimize network guarantee on end-user video experience and facilitate business development of the video industry." Jung Myung Jin, vice president of BOE, expressed: "Customizing the 4K TV service for the carrier market can promote UHD video service development by popularizing 4K TV. Furthermore, TV terminal is an extension of network pipes, which can visualize end-user video experience through real-time monitoring."

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