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Comic-Con 2016 in Pics: Jesus Loves Nerds

You don't have to love comics to love Comic-Con. It's a big party where people dress in costume and come to celebrate things they love. Even if you don't love the same things, you can get a contact high from all the good times.

Each year, I take a break from my work at Light Reading for a long weekend at Comic-Con, and share here some of what I saw there.

This year I saw so much we broke it into two slideshows. Click the image below to start this slideshow, then go here for the first part -- Comic-Con 2016: Bountiful Batmen! -- and below for previous year's pics.

Fighting Monks
Love the big smile.
Love the big smile.

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Mitch Wagner 9/18/2016 | 8:40:47 PM
Re: Old joke "In God we trust. All others pay cash."
PaulERainford 8/3/2016 | 5:04:27 AM
Old joke Your headline calls to mind the old soccer penalty joke: 'Jesus saves - but Moses gets the rebound.' Just thought it was time to give it an airing, as the Olympics approaches.
mhhf1ve 8/2/2016 | 8:46:00 PM
Re: Heterosexual life partner Silent Bob is just a man of few words -- he actually talks sometimes.

Didn't Silent Bob have a Saturday morning cartoon for a while..?
Mitch Wagner 8/2/2016 | 8:36:18 PM
Re: Heterosexual life partner Funny, I was just thinking about Kevin Smith movies this afternoon and the one I really want to see again is Mallrats. 
ErynLeavens 8/2/2016 | 5:33:20 PM
Re: Heterosexual life partner Haha, that's so good. I used to be obsessed with Mallrats when I was in middle school. Somehow I don't think I would feel the same way about it as an adult.
ErynLeavens 8/2/2016 | 5:20:17 PM
Re: Only in California You've obviously mastered it. Almost lifelike! ; )
Mitch Wagner 8/2/2016 | 5:18:36 PM
Heterosexual life partner When I see people in Doctor Who costumes, I want to ask them if that's their favorite Doctor, or if that's just the one they most resemble.

In the Kevin Smith movies, Silent Bob is never separated from his "heterosexual life partner," Jay. I asked the Comic-Con Silent Bob where Jay is, and he instantly -- and silently -- pulled a Jay figurine from his pocket. Well played!
Mitch Wagner 8/2/2016 | 5:16:00 PM
Re: Only in California I went in costume as a middle aged nerd. I have been working on this costume for years now, and it just keeps getting better and better. 
ErynLeavens 8/2/2016 | 5:07:43 PM
Only in California Where's your costume, Mitch?! Love the religious protesters... They've obviously got their priorities down.
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