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SlideshowAmazon Gives Cord-Cutters Another Tool With Fire TV Recast DVR

Amazon's latest cord-cutting tool starts at $229.
Amazon's latest cord-cutting tool starts at $229.

Jeff Baumgartner 9/22/2018 | 4:04:03 PM
Re: FYI, No Monthly Fee for Tivo OTA Vox... Thanks for bringing that to my attention.  I'll make note of that and update the story. The All-Service plan is indeed part of the current $399.99 price, though it appears that the Roamio OTA Vox is currently out of stock. 


mshostak 9/22/2018 | 3:00:38 PM
FYI, No Monthly Fee for Tivo OTA Vox... Hi Jeff, Minor clarification; there's no monthly fee on the Tivo OTA offering. It has 4 tuners/1TB, but for me the value is in the advanced features. Can you comment on how the Recast compares w/ some of Tivo's popular value props:
  • Commercial skipping
  • Unified search/guide across OTT & OTA
  • "Quickmode" for viewing recorded content at ~1.5x (great for news/talk shows)
  • Large disk (I think it's around 8TB these days) (not officially supported)
  • Upload (non-DRM) content from DVR to phone or PC for offline viewing & editing
  • Supports most major OTT providers
  • Voice control (not Alexa)
  • Alexa

Slightly more pricy at $399, but in this cases it seems you get what you pay for.

And no, I don't work for them... :-)
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