SlideshowFacebook Flexes Its Video Muscle With Launch of 'Watch'

Facebook's New Video "Watch" Tab
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

James_B_Crawshaw 8/10/2017 | 2:25:37 PM
Watch out! Looks like more of a competitive threat to YouTube than Netflix, at least initially. Still it makes Reed Hasting's position on Facebook's board look untenable. 
242ak 8/14/2017 | 7:50:18 AM
Re: Watch out! Yes, definitely more of a threat to YouTube than Netflix. And Snapchat more than either, I suspect. I think FB is genuinely trying to find the right kind of video content to suit the nature of its platform, so more inherently social, interaction-oriented and maybe even individual-centric. Snapchat is probably the closest in terms of the type of content it is offering, and working towards offering. 

I think the threat to Netflix is more long term, if FB does become an important repository for professionally produced content and decides to grow its library, and add longer-form movies, dramas, comedies etc. But also I think Netflix will start to broaden the type of content it offers as well -- we'll see more celebrity-following, reality-type content start to show up because the economics are great. But i think that's still a little while out. 
kq4ym 8/23/2017 | 5:08:53 PM
Re: Watch out! As noted, " it's logical to try and take advantage of its huge base of 2 billion-plus monthly active users." While there obviously lots of eyeballs out there on the platform, I would guess there's probably going to be less "interactivity" than Facebook might want, but there will be lots of folks just merely curious or bored that will watch millions of hours of video there.
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