SlideshowFacebook Accelerates But YouTube Dominates – Report

kq4ym 10/18/2017 | 8:55:18 AM
Re: 2nd? I would be somewhat skeptical of the stats as there are so many factors to measure and this particular one may be using a few at best, perhaps not including amount of time viewing, and user engaement with those videos. I would guess YouTube has by far the best engagement over Facebook, but down the list Twitch, the gaming site probably has viewers who spend boatloads of time watching gaming. And it's no surprise that some of the analytics may very well be skewed by the particular way each source measures it's data and provides it to surveys and other outlets.
komatineni 10/6/2017 | 8:43:49 AM
thx Thx. Some of the operators shared that they see close to 8-10% peak now compared to <1% a year ago. So would be interesting to see the stats from whatsapp or formal stats.
242ak 10/6/2017 | 6:56:33 AM
Re: BBC getting it right? komatineni -- Good point about whatsapp. I'll keep a lookout for any stats on video usage, haven't seen anything along those lines yet. They must have numbers internally, so I guess when they get big enough, we'll see them. And we'll see them try to monetize it. 
242ak 10/6/2017 | 6:54:10 AM
Re: 2nd? danielcawrey -- it's a mix. A lot of it is just videos that are shared off other platforms, like YouTube or Vimeo and they get embedded into the new feed. Other stuff is directly user generated and there's also Facebook Live for live streaming. But Facebook is now commissioning short original productions for Facebook Watch, it's newly launched video portal and its starting to buy sports rights from various leagues -- some for highlights and clips, such as with the recenly announced NFL deal, and also for live streaming of games, as with other leagues and college football. 
komatineni 10/6/2017 | 5:11:53 AM
BBC getting it right? Something that other FTA or Incumbents love to know. In emerging markets, whatsapp could be taking a place in top10. Not sure how this could be measured though.
danielcawrey 10/5/2017 | 11:51:29 AM
2nd? I'm pretty surprised Facebook is already in second place. That just shows how much cloud it has. Plus the sheer number of users the platform has. Isn't all the video on Facebook user generated and pretty much free for the company?
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