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steve q 1/9/2015 | 9:49:33 PM
Re: I don't think so I see the only way to make better streaming of video is with a faster internet speed and with verizon fios. Comcast is pushing the new docis 3.1 ,but with true fiber to the customer location they have a harder time. The only thing verizon need to is find a better way to provide both faster speed so that those customer that like to just use verizon as a data only other than getting the whole package of tv/data is to put everything into one unit.
Phil_Britt 1/8/2015 | 9:56:26 PM
Re: I don't think so Knowing Comcast, it would start out at $5 a month for a one-year contract, then would jump to $7.50. And local governments would find a way to tax it, making the final cost a couple of dollars more per month.
danielcawrey 1/8/2015 | 3:17:47 PM
Re: I don't think so They may make people rent the sticks! I don't think that's a good idea, but it would not surprise me if they tried doing it anyways. 

I'm really interested in what kind of OTT innovations may arrive in 2015. Hopefully service providers get a clue and start doing some really innovative things. 
rgrutza600 1/8/2015 | 1:00:22 PM
I don't think so They will try to rent you the stick for $5/month knowing Comcast.
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