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mhhf1ve 9/9/2015 | 7:23:32 PM
Crossy Road... I've seen kids playing Crossy Road on a Fire Stick (Fire TV), but I see Apple had to one-up the competition with an EXCLUSIVE multiplayer version of Crossy Road.. oooh aaahh.

The games on the Apple TV seem somewhat weak right now. But I'm sure they'll get better with time. And I'm wondering when Apple will introduce a game controller that looks like an Xbox game controller? Fire TV has one already... 

I also wonder when streaming games will make the processing power of the console somewhat irrelevant? Until, then... PS4 and Xbox aren't going to be displaced anytime soon.
mhhf1ve 9/9/2015 | 7:29:19 PM
Apple TV might defeat Nintendo? The Wii U might get some significant competition from tvOS and the new Apple TV. Casual games that don't require a lot of graphics processing are perfect for iOS devices such as the Apple TV now, so Nintendo has a huge new competitor knocking on its door. 

I also wonder where the Android gaming TV consoles will end up? Will Fire TV beat Android to the living room? Google seems to have a strange strategy with Chromeboxes and Android moving in similar directions, but separately.
mhhf1ve 9/9/2015 | 7:31:34 PM
What controllers can be used with Apple TV? BTW, did anyone else catch how the remote controllers connect with Apple TV? Is it via bluetooth? 

And can an iPhone/iPod/iPad be used as an Apple TV remote control? 
mhhf1ve 9/9/2015 | 7:50:27 PM
Re: What controllers can be used with Apple TV? "On stage at the event, a multiplayer version of Crossy Road was demonstrated, with one player using the Apple TV remote and another player using an iPhone as an input device. The Apple TV will support both the iPhone and the iPod touch as an input device. Apple TV and iPhone games are going to be available universally, meaning you can start a game on the iPhone and then pick it up on the Apple TV."

Oh. Interesting. So you *can* use the iPhone/iPod as an input device for the Apple TV. But not the iPad? And I assume it connects via WiFi or bluetooth....  
mhhf1ve 9/9/2015 | 7:53:21 PM
Fire TV needs to step up now, too. Fire TV seems like it needs to get a few more fancy features now. I wonder how long multiplayer Crossy Road will remain exclusive on Apple TV? (OR when a Crossy Road multiplayer clone will appear on Android devices?)

msilbey 9/9/2015 | 8:56:36 PM
Re: What controllers can be used with Apple TV? Yes, it's via Bluetooth. No need for pointing directly at the box.
DaveZNF 9/10/2015 | 1:08:25 PM
Pricing & Questions It seems like a compelling upgrade, potentially exceeding Roku and Fire TV voice control with something way more versatile than just search. And the UI looks both beautiful and functional. Yet I'm having a hard time understanding what makes this 50% better than the full $100 MSRP Fire TV or Roku 3? Especially without the 4k the others are supposedly reading this fall. I assume they'll have no problem finding takers when it goes on sale, so it'll be a nice premium for Apple. Also, should the pricing stick long term, they'll have no problem sliding 4k into one of these two existing slots without missing a beat. 

Additional questions...

1) Is universal search invite only? As in: I assume random app developers won't be able to make themselves available to Siri, beyond launch, without a relationship with Apple.

2) Will Amazon give us a Prime streaming app on yet another competing platform? I sure hope so.

Is the Silbey household picking one up? I don't want one at the moment, but suspect I'll convince myself I need to open my wallet sometime next month. 
Mitch Wagner 9/10/2015 | 2:30:20 PM

With the new upgrade, Appel TV is FINALLY competitive with Roku and other vendors' offerings.

Or nearly competitive. Still missing: Amazon Prime, unless that's on its way and I haven't heard about it. 

But whether Apple TV can exceed the competition will depend on app availability. What can you do with your Apple TV that you can't do with a Roku?

mhhf1ve 9/10/2015 | 3:13:00 PM
Re: Apps Is Amazon Prime video really missing from the new Apple TV? That would be weird b/c it exists on other iOS devices already. Amazon prime videos can be watched on iPads/iPods/iPhones... so if Apple TV runs a version of iOS, it should be able to run an Amazon app, too, right? 

It looks like people have been able to hack a way to get Amazon videos to play on the old Apple TV... so it seems like it'd be quite a step backwards for Apple to not include Amazon videos in the new Apple TV?

mhhf1ve 9/10/2015 | 3:18:19 PM
Re: Apps "What can you do with your Apple TV that you can't do with a Roku?" Have access to the Apple App Store?
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