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DavidShingleton 2/28/2018 | 3:46:18 AM
Comcast Comcast isn't paying for this. It is being paid for by its customers through a Federally mandated universal connectivity charge. Comcast is buying a lot of good will with its customers money. Makes me sick. Yes, I had to write my research paper on internet and discovered that. They should, at least, have the honesty to let folks know who is paying the bill, rather than taking credit for it.
kq4ym 9/21/2015 | 4:32:06 PM
Re: Price? Seems it's included in the housing cost and either a clever marketing device or diabolical. As it's "bundled in with on-campus housing, which means students pay no extra fee for access,
" one thinks it's free. Well of course not. But Comcast will cleverly get some income and not by accident get those students associated with the brand where they're likey to buy once their out of school.
KBode 9/10/2015 | 8:57:00 AM
Re: Price? Yeah, me too. We used to gather around the TV in the dorm rec room and all watch movies at once, since many people didn't even have individual TVs. These days I imagine it's all tablet and smartphone tied...
mhhf1ve 9/9/2015 | 8:37:23 PM
Re: Price? I vaguely remember college kids watching TV in large groups when I was in college... I wonder if that still happens now that everyone is sharing netflix accounts and watching shows on their phones?
mhhf1ve 9/9/2015 | 8:34:17 PM
Re: In my opinion I can't imagine students doing that well in school if they're watching enough cableTV to want to pay for a subscription. I totally understand why Comcast wants to offer it, but it just seems like an unwise purchase for a student in college. 

College debt is going to be a major issue in the near future... let's hope kids don't miss the news while wasting time watching cable dramas.
KBode 9/9/2015 | 5:41:57 PM
Price? So this is incorporated into the college admission costs? Do we have any hard data on how much this actually costs each student?
mendyk 9/9/2015 | 4:01:19 PM
Re: Comtastic? Yes, and then there was the "not your father's Oldsmobile" campaign -- which was launched only after GM decided its old (and Olds) image had to be erased for something new. That didn't work out well at all, but at least it was a conscious decision to break with the past, rather than a shot across the bow from a relatively puny part of the company that simply wouldn't exist without the revenue coming from the "parents' cable service" business.
Ariella 9/9/2015 | 3:52:40 PM
Re: Comtastic? @mendyk But any time you have a product declared "New and Improved," doesn't it imply that what it delivered before was "old and lousy?" So declared Archie Bunker's son-in-law in one of the episodes of "All in the Family."


mendyk 9/9/2015 | 3:38:27 PM
Re: Comtastic? "Misguided" is a kinder characterization -- but one that I might reserve for someone who makes an error in part because of inexperience or emotion. When a relatively high-level executive indirectly trashes the company's main revenue base, though, I think the needle moves in the direction of inane.
Ariella 9/9/2015 | 3:28:26 PM
Re: Comtastic? @mendyk Did we get a multiple choice test to fit with the school theme? I wouldn't go as far as insance, more like misguided.
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