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SlideshowWhy Disney Could End Up Streaming for AT&T

Editor's scribblings of media company connections.
Editor's scribblings of media company connections.

bosco_pcs 8/28/2017 | 3:21:16 PM
Re: So Funny Regulatory could be a reason but probably not the only or even the main reason.

For those who are more finance savvy among us, we have heard of sales of physical assets such as buildings and lease back scheme, that is financial engineering.

When I was a consultant at NYNEX, I was with a non-regulated unit. I could think of several reasons why the parent company wanted to set it up that way.

It could also be JV and subsequent buy out of partners. In Disney case, it is M&A. It was its core competency. Now it is
kq4ym 8/28/2017 | 2:04:49 PM
Re: So Funny The links among all the companes can indeed be complex and makes me wonder if there's some underlying meaning to he seemingly inefficient coordination among the parties. I wonder if too government regulators might want to take a look or maybe the complications are to keep out of site from regulation?
jbtombes 8/17/2017 | 2:19:59 PM
hot swappable? You wonder how easy it would be to 'swap out' QuickPlay for BAM Tech. In theory, the barriers to switching suppliers are lower in the cloud. But custom implementations might make them stickier.
bosco_pcs 8/15/2017 | 4:39:22 PM
So Funny But that will be beneficial to both
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