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SAN DIEGO, Calif -- I imagine at least some of you can relate to the frustrating TV Everywhere experience during which you want to access a content provider app via your regular pay-TV subscription but can’t. Maybe you forget your password, or the app doesn’t accept your password, or perhaps the app prompts you to login every time. Either you give up or have to endure a call to customer service (but who to call – your video service operator or the app provider?)

We have found that frustration also exists between the content provider and the video service operator regarding TV Everywhere authentication. The technology can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring numerous integrations with individual operators – a monumental task for content providers!

For Verimatrix, these issues represented an opportunity to fill that gap, which is also well-aligned with our overall business strategy – reducing friction in video delivery while securing revenue on behalf of content providers and operators.

To that end, we are happy to announce the new brand for our recently acquired TV Everywhere technology from Akamai - nTitleMe.

nTitleMe enables content providers to provide a friction-free TV Everywhere experience. It features a single integration for secure subscriber authentication and entitlement, all based upon open standards. Furthermore, a single integration with the nTitleMe platform gives content owners access to a worldwide network of nearly a thousand operators by leveraging Verimatrix’s global install base and beyond – hundreds of millions of subscriber eyeballs!

Our approach to TV Everywhere provides greater agility and responsiveness for content providers that want to quickly connect their premium content with audiences anywhere, anytime, on any device. nTitleMe is connected to the backend of the operator's platform to authenticate and authorize subscribers to receive content. For example, John Smith wants to watch a movie from his Crave TV app while on the road. He selects “Molly’s Game” and enters his credentials for his Shaw Cable subscriber account. nTitleMe contacts Shaw’s subscriber management system, authenticates permissions and entitles John to watch the movie. The content is streamed directly from Crave to John’s TV or mobile device.

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