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The new holiday reality. These family members of an Adobe executive spent Thanksgiving gathered around the iPad.
The new holiday reality. These family members of an Adobe executive spent Thanksgiving gathered around the iPad.

Mitch Wagner 12/14/2015 | 10:12:50 AM
Re: Tomorrow's TV Yeah, channel surfing is a lost art. 
danielcawrey 12/11/2015 | 7:32:03 PM
Re: Tomorrow's TV Today's television experience is very much an on-demand affair. I've tried to surf channels to find something to watch on regular OTT cable. But I find that doesn't really work for me anymore. 

People want to watch when they want to watch, not when content providers say so. I think that's the biggest change from ten years ago. 
DHagar 12/11/2015 | 7:23:01 PM
Re: Tomorrow's TV mhhf1ve, my crystal ball is tuned with yours.  I see it as being virtual, not dependent or limited by devices.  So I see smartphones, watches, images?  etc.

To vote on your question of content, I think nothing is worse than the reality TV!  So hopefully we will get more intelligent?
steve q 12/10/2015 | 8:27:57 PM
Re: Tomorrow's TV I see the new way of watching Tv is the person with the fastest pipe that can provide the image to the customer win. If it is with Comcast with the cloud base dvr so the parent can let there kids relax,or it Verizon Fios/G90/Fios Mobile.  Whatevery comes out to the customer must at a low price point and ablity to do on the move away form home base router and dvr location.
mhhf1ve 12/10/2015 | 2:04:58 PM
Re: Tomorrow's TV Is YouTube... a kind of TV? TV seems like an outdated term now. Video is distributed in very different ways now. Not sure where the "Tele" in the Vision is now.

With Vine and Periscope and Twitch and Hulu and Facetime and all the other kinds of streaming video... TV is just a video screen. And maybe it'll just be goggles -- or retinal implants.

Maybe kids today won't be "forced" to watch the Brady Bunch... but.. there's still the Kardashians and reality TV. Which is worse?
Mitch Wagner 12/10/2015 | 1:14:23 PM
Tomorrow's TV Mobile and DVR are the two biggest changes in the TV audience over the past decade. They're the biggest changes since the medium was popularized 70 years ago. And they're related. Previously, the TV experience was tethered to whatever room the consumer had a TV in, and you watched what was on when it was on. Now, you can watch anything, anywhere, at anytime.

I don't think today's children are going to have the experience of watching dumb shows like THE BRADY BUNCH and GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. You watched them because they were the only thing that was on, you watched the episodes again and again until you knew them by heart, and even when you were 11 years old you knew they were dumb. But if you wanted to watch TV, they were the only alternative.

VR is another sea change, and it will require new storytelling techniques, just as the transition from stage to screen did more than a century ago.

I've seen a prediction in passing that cheap VR goggles will be the hot tech of Christmas, 2016, just as hoverboards are today. I say yes please! Hopefully the VR goggles won't experience the spontaneous combustion problems that the hoverboards do.

A rasberry beret? The kind you find at the secondhand store?

Did you get to try all the VR programming and goggles? Fun!
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