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SlideshowVerizon's New Fios TV Is No More

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TelMe 3/16/2018 | 2:50:44 PM
Re: No FiOS IPTV? Guru Pai Guru Pai is no longer at Verizon, nor are his two VPs, Kumar and Sundar. Interesting that he is still on the fiberconnect agenda using his Vz credentials. Not very credible. 
kq4ym 1/3/2018 | 3:29:55 PM
Re: Net neutrality vote is in 2 days That's an interesting thought, but I wonder how they would be comfortable speculating whether net neutrality would be continued or not. They certainly hung on for a good number of years since around 2011, and must have been a lot of ulcers as the management mulled over what to do or not.
wanlord 12/29/2017 | 6:40:54 PM
Re: No FiOS IPTV? Guru Pai He is on the schedule for a keynote in July 2018 so maybe not :-(

TelMe 12/28/2017 | 2:41:21 PM
Re: No FiOS IPTV? That's good news if Pai is out. Perhaps we'll start to see some renewed FiOS innovation and customer focus. 
Phil_Britt 12/18/2017 | 12:49:16 PM
Re: Shocked You're right that the gorillas win. That's why companies continue to combine to protect their market positions.
msilbey 12/13/2017 | 4:51:23 PM
Re: No FiOS IPTV? I've heard Guru Pai is out, but I don't have official confirmation.
TelMe 12/13/2017 | 4:24:33 PM
No FiOS IPTV? No surprise here. Platform is aging fast, they still ship reused outdated STBs to new customers; and existing customers remain on aging equipment forever. Many FiOS users can't watch VOD services because of poor streaming quality - and VOD is on the Verizon prioritized data stream with high QoS! Add notice how the FiOS business leaders - G.Pai and associates - seldom if ever have any external communications or messages - leads me to think there is an extreme lack of vision and minimal, if any, customer focus. 
jonsmirl 12/12/2017 | 3:14:06 PM
Net neutrality vote is in 2 days I suspect they killed it because they know that the 'fast lane' (ie make it usable) payoff demands from Comcast would make it price uncompetitive.  Competive IP video can only exist in a net neutral environment.

Verizon probably has a pretty good idea how large those demands will be since it is planing on changing them too.
mendyk 12/12/2017 | 1:41:32 PM
Re: Taking a different tack? That's a pretty significant change in direction... and one that would have a big impact on the video sector.
Duh! 12/12/2017 | 1:10:10 PM
Taking a different tack? "For those people who continue to want to bundle their video with their broadband, we'll have that. Now how we deliver it, it won't be your traditional linear TV product. It'll be a more over-the-top product, and the exact nature of that OTT product is — more details to come there." -- Matt Ellis, Barclay's investor conference, last week.

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