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SlideshowIncoming! Comcast Eyes SmartOffice Launch

Michelle 3/16/2017 | 5:46:50 PM
wow if true This would be an amazing offer if the rumors are true. Small businesses should have access to high quality security cameras and the ability to store video. The pricing seems right (at least the rumored price). 
MarcComcastBiz 3/17/2017 | 4:47:56 PM
Re: wow if true It is true Michelle. I was in training yesterday reviewing the system and it is AWESOME!  We're launching it next week to new and existing customers in our Central Division.
Michelle 3/19/2017 | 7:38:11 PM
Re: wow if true Interesting. I hope security camera footage is high quality for these folks. The days of grainy security tapes should be long over...
kq4ym 3/27/2017 | 5:09:14 PM
Re: wow if true And interesting too how announced at $140 monthly, yet no date announced yet for when businesses can get the video service started. I wonder if the competition that feed the video directly to the police may have an advantage over this system?
Michelle 3/29/2017 | 2:50:26 PM
Re: wow if true There's a service that does that? I had no idea. Do they send high quality video to police?
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