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Comcast Tests Personal Media Sharing

Comcast is quietly testing a new personal media sharing service for its X1 IP video platform, which includes features that the MSO first demonstrated at The Cable Show in April. (See Comcast: Stream Phone Videos to Grandma's TV.)

After a source within Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) provided details on how to unlock new beta-sharing features, an X1 user validated the hack for Light Reading using the X1 Remote app. The user entered his cellphone number into the keypad area of the app and was given a bit.ly link on his TV screen. The user navigated to that link on his phone and was then able to upload an image and gain the option to download or launch a new application.

There's a reason that the new functionality is in beta, however. According to the customer, the option to download a new app was a dead link.

Typing in the top domain name from that link led to another screen with a repeated prompt to enter a phone number.

It seems likely that the X1 bit.ly link was supposed to lead to a new Comcast app called MyMedia that recently appeared in the iTunes store. As first reported by Multichannel News, the MyMedia app is designed to let users share personal media from a phone or tablet with other devices, including X1 hybrid IP video set-tops.

However, another Comcast source told us that not all of the planned media-sharing functionality is live yet. For example, it's not possible today to stream video to another subscriber's set-top. At The Cable Show, Comcast touted the ability to stream video of the grandkids to a grandparent's TV. Comcast said the feature, which is officially part of Xfinity Voice, would be available in 2015.

The MyMedia app online today is so far available only for Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) devices. It requires iOS 6 or later. App users must be X1 customers with Comcast cloud storage.

— Mari Silbey, special to Light Reading

Mitch Wagner 6/11/2014 | 1:31:31 PM
bit.ly A bit.ly link? How 2007.
kq4ym 6/10/2014 | 7:37:13 PM
Re: Good Idea Maybe I'm missing something but this Comcast media sharing idea just doesn't seem to grab my attention. Comcast surely needs to keep up the innovation to keep competitive (especially as subscribers are asked to pay more and more) but this latest test product just doesn't do much for me.
danielcawrey 6/10/2014 | 7:17:38 PM
Good Idea This is smart, Comcast doing this. If you want to remain a static channel provider in this industry, you may not last. I personally use Comcast broadband to watch what I want on Netflix and Amazon Prime. That's it.

If Comcast can come up with entertainment options more complelling, I'm willing to at least listen. 
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