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4KUniverse Seeks Ad Buyers Ahead of National Launch

LOS ANGELES -- New 4K HDR cable TV channel and direct-to-consumer 4K OTT subscription service, 4KUNIVERSE, is currently seeking upfront ad commitments.

35-year-old veteran movie and TV distribution CEO (Mance Media), 4K TV channel owner, and entrepreneur, Matthew Mancinelli, schedules the live channel from Los Angeles. Mancinelli has 13 years of experience exhibiting at TV markets in Cannes, France and got his start at Bennett Media Worldwide, licensing the 50-episode TV series ‘Bikini Destinations’ that aired on Mark Cuban’s HDNET channel. Mancinelli gained his experience working for the late Bob Bennett (Metromedia), his son Casey Bennett (Bennett Productions) and mentored by, Paul Rich, who was the head of foreign sales for Hollywood-based producers Aaron Spelling, Dino De Laurentiis, and John Kluge’s Metromedia Producers Corp.

4KUNIVERSE counts a dozen cable operators as affiliates, including KPU TV Alaska, Jackson Energy Tennessee, and Highlands Cable North Carolina. The company is negotiating with the top 5 largest cable operators in the U.S. for the 2020 national expansion. Advertisers have their choice between mornings during the children’s series ‘Eddie is a Yeti’, daytime during vegan cooking series ‘Plant-Based by Nafsika’, primetime during ‘Model Turned Superstar’ entertainment show featuring Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, and during late-night airings of the Patagonia extreme-skiing film ‘The Empire of the Winds’.

The key points:

  • 4KUNIVERSE executives are meeting with advertisers to secure upfront ad commitments.
  • 4KUNIVERSE is a 24-hour general entertainment channel airing TV series, documentaries, movies and sports.
  • The streaming subscription component will cost $10/month after a 7-Day Free Trial.
  • 4KUNIVERSE broadcasts in 4K HLG HDR with WCG (wide color gamut), which is the highest quality, commercially viable image out in the market right now.
  • CEO Matthew Mancinelli says he is selling category exclusives to brands/advertisers and will provide ‘make-goods’ if audience guarantees are not met.
  • Advertisers can target early adopters, tech enthusiasts and an affluent audience on 4KUNIVERSE.
  • Commercial spots do not need to be shot in 4K and can be submitted in HD.

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