Business Transformation

Dare to Disrupt Yourself

Telecom Italia's Gabriela Styf Sjöman, VP of Engineering & Telecom Italia Group Labs, talks about the need for internal disruption and innovation at telcos, OSS transformation, service quality perception and more!

christinep 9/23/2015 | 5:29:11 AM
Dare to Disrupt Yourself What Gabriela said is a real eye-opener! It's so true that people and businesses are used to maximize and defend instead of questioning and disrupt in order to innovate. The new philosophy of Telecom Italia about internal disruption can be applied to everybody and all businesses besides telcos. Really great talk!

DHagar 9/11/2015 | 8:25:52 PM
Re: Change, but change me not Susan, very true.  It seems as if many people today are fearful that they cannot succeed if they give up control of what they currently have - like holding onto the deck chairs of the Titanic.  If you don't change and "adapt", as Gabriella points out, you will become obsolete sooner or later.  Instead of perfection, we should be striving for relevance and keeping pace with change.
Susan Fourtané 9/11/2015 | 7:06:14 PM
Change, but change me not Quite true what Gabriela said about people liking change, but don't wanting to change. It's sort of a contradiction, isn't it? -Susan
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