Verizon FiOS Rollout is Red-Hot

While Verizon is hoping that its FiOS broadband service catches fire with consumers, the Bell needs to be careful for what it wishes. The AP reports that Verizon workers installing fiber-to-the-home cabling sparked a fire in the yard of a prospective customer in Richmond, VA after crossing electric wires ( see http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/060705/verizon_construction_woes.html). By the time firefighters made it to the scene, flames had engulfed overhead utility lines, melted a chain-link fence and torched a kid's canoe. Increasingly, municipal authorities and consumers have smoke coming out of their ears as Verizon backhoes wreak havoc on the landscape in their communities. Talk about breaking eggs to make an omelet. Cable operators aren't immune to the damage either. In the report, a Comcast spokesperson says the company's cables in Maryland have been cut 4,700 times since Verizon started deploying FiOS in May 2005, affecting service to 50,000 customers.
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