10:25 AM -- Larry's dating options have narrowed further, according to The Independent:

    There are heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and metrosexuals. And now there are vegansexuals.

    Mainstream vegans refrain from eating meat or animal products, such as milk or eggs. They would not be seen dead in leather shoes or a silk scarf. And some, according to a New Zealand study, avoid having sex with meat-eaters, finding the idea morally repugnant, as well as ethically unacceptable. "I couldn't think of kissing lips that allow dead animal pieces to pass between them," one vegan from Auckland told researchers...
[Ed. note: "dead animal piece" joke censored.]

    Another woman, also a vegan, declared: "I believe we are what we consume, so I really struggle with bodily fluids, especially sexually."
Damn. I've been out with that woman so many times...

— Larry, Omnivorous Monkey, Light Reading

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