Using Verbal Protection

11:00 AM -- More walking on eggshells in Britain, according to Reuters:

    Britain is proposing to remove the term "prostitute" from the criminal statutes because it carries too much stigma.

Well, what about other harsh labels like "murderer" and "terrorist" and "lawyer"?

    Instead, a new bill that the Justice Ministry has drafted refers simply to persons who sell sex persistently -- defined as twice or more in three months.

Or how about just saleswoman? Same concept, one word, more respectable... Sort of.

    The new bill introduces measures to try to get sex workers out of the industry, and in effect decriminalizes prostitution for those who are not considered persistent.

AH! Don't say prostitution!!! The persons who sell sex persistently might hear you!

— Red Panda, Animal That Eats Bamboo Persistently, Light Reading

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