NOON -- In our continuing series of things to worry yourself about, we bring you this item from Reuters:

    The Korea Consumer Protection Board tested six items that are commonly handled by the public and ran tests for their bacteria content.

    Shopping cart handles led the way with 1,100 colony forming units of bacteria per 10 sq cm (1.55 sq inches) followed by a mouse used on computers in Internet cafes, which had an average of 690 colony forming units...

    Hand straps on buses were next with 380 units, followed by bathroom doorknobs at 340.

    Rounding out the list were elevator buttons at 130 colony forming units and hand straps on subways at 86.
The good news? Elevator buttons are relatively safe to lick.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

blackdiamond 12/5/2012 | 4:06:03 AM
re: Unsafeway The worst, by far, are the trade shows. Sit back and watch the booth staff person wipe his nose with his right hand then shake someone else's in 2 minutes. Or, watch who bypasses the sink in the washroom after handling their business or grabbing ten minutes with the sports page.

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