Twitter's Big Plans

9:50 AM -- Twitter Inc. co-founder Biz Stone has big plans for the company's future, Reuters reported in several stories this week.

At a news conference in Tel Aviv today, Stone said Twitter is interested in making acquisitions, though it doesn't have its eye on anything in particular.

"That is something we are definitely interested in," he said. "We made an acquisition [of search engine Summize] last year that turned out to be an outstandingly good decision."

He also said Twitter will "start making money" in 2010. [Ed. note: When have we heard this before?]

"2010 is really going to be the revenue year. I don't know if we're going to be profitable, but we have plenty of time," Stone said in Oxford, U.K., on Monday, explaining that Twitter's not in a rush since it already has plenty in the bank.

Of course, he was still mysterious about the source of this future revenue, saying only that it would involve "nontraditional" advertising and that "everyone's going to love it. It's going to be amazing."

In other news:

  • Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) is launching two new iPhone ads tonight during several shows such as House on Fox and Dancing With the Stars on ABC. According to AppleInsider, which has copies of the ads, they "tout the iPhone’s ability to hold a simultaneous voice and data connection."

  • Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) has taken out an ad on image search results for "Michelle Obama" to explain why an offensive image appears so high in the rankings.

    "Sometimes Google search results from the Internet can include disturbing content, even from innocuous queries. We assure you that the views expressed by such sites are not in any way endorsed by Google," Google writes in the post, which can be seen after clicking on the ad at the top of the page. A similar ad appears on the search results page for "Jew." — Erin Barker, Contentinople

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