Twango, Bango

4:45 PM -- Is there some kind of naming convention in the mobile content world that a startup has to have the most cringe-worthy name possible? I mean, take Twango and Bango.net Ltd. . Really? Didn't they have a hit in the 80s? It doesn't get much better when companies drop the "o" fixation. Thumbplay, anyone? Not even legal in some parts of Utah, or so I've heard.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

rayand 12/5/2012 | 3:02:10 PM
re: Twango, Bango "Bango" means "number" in Japanese. At the heart of the "Bango system" which was invented in 1999 is teh idea that any piece of content is given a unique "Bango Number". It is then used as a key to collect money (Premium content), spread it virally (via WAP.com), provide quick and easy access (Direct entry) or to track traffic.

Also, the symbol for a "Bango Number" is ! number so !729 or !987654321 and ! is called "bang" in the USA.

So, there you have it. Bango was initially called Bango.net because the "bango.com" was owned by Treesa Bangs, the lead singer in Christian Rock band "Bango". Bango.net Limited bought the domain name from them in 2003 and changed its name to Bango. Visit www.bango.com Yes they did have a hit!

So, there you have it - totally logical.....

So, although it sounds rather like "Bang and Go"
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