TV Takes Bathroom Break

5:00 PM -- There are certain areas of life that perhaps reality TV should not touch upon. But, alas...

    An Indian television channel is looking out for good singers in the one place that has escaped the prying eyes of reality TV -- the bathroom.

    "Bathroom Singer," a new singing contest on the Filmy entertainment channel, will zero in on an untrained performer who's good at singing in the shower and can enthral viewers.

"Filmy" entertainment wants to do a show in the shower? That's just too cute for words.

    "We are looking for a combination of voice and a certain flavor. For example, the exuberance and energy with which people sing in their bathrooms," said Shailesh Kapoor, Filmy's content and marketing head, said late on Wednesday.

I generally request that people keep whatever flavors they develop in the bathroom to themselves...

    It was not clear whether the competition would eventually require participants to sing under a running shower.

Well, I'd imagine we'd want to be clear on those details ASAP. (By the way, is your shower running? Guess you'd better catch it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...)

    Unlike the many youth-oriented reality shows that have become very popular on Indian channels, the creators of "Bathroom Singer" also hope to attract older contestants.

Well then sign me up! Nothin' I like more than watching an old bag empty her bladder while toying with the lyrical stylings of The Mamas and the Papas.

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