Tut Takes On CoSine

So, after months of speculation, it really is the end of the road for CoSine Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: COSN), which was acquired by Tut Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: TUTS) for $24.1 million on Friday night (see CoSine Sold for $24M and Will CoSine Get Carved Up?).

Tut manufactures a range of telecom equipment, including video trunking, digital TV, and broadband subscriber management devices. But, on a conference call this morning, Tut Systems execs said that the merger was not about getting hold of CoSine’s technology.

”That was not the primary reason for doing the deal,” according to one exec. Instead, the merger is all about "additional financial resources” netting Tut Systems around $22.75 million of CoSine's cash.

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— James Rogers, Site Editor, Next-Gen Data Center Forum

dadofamunky 12/5/2012 | 3:30:12 AM
re: Tut Takes On CoSine Sometimes you wonder what brokerage analysts are smoking. Cosine's box was anything BUT narrowly focused as an edge router. Among many other things it did the following:

Comprehensive virtual routing
Multicasting w- PIM and IGMP
Full h/w-accelerated IPSec suite
Stateful packet filtering in each VR
Full support for BGP core routing in each VR
All IGP's supported
WRED/WRR QoS that in some ways was superior to JNPR's
MPLS TE and RFC 2547/Martini

In fact, as a longtime employee there who weathered five layoffs, I feel they were anything BUT focused. Lack of focus is what killed them.

I will miss it, though. A lot of us did good work there and it was a valuable experience for many.
Upside_again 12/5/2012 | 3:30:11 AM
re: Tut Takes On CoSine Can Quarry Technolgies do all this? They say they have a program that immediatley supports cosine accounts. Seems like Cosine has alot more product/feature announcements (and customers) and yet they tanked? Don't add up.

alcaseltzer 12/5/2012 | 3:30:11 AM
re: Tut Takes On CoSine So who is the major N.A. carrier they've secured a win with??
edgehead 12/5/2012 | 3:30:11 AM
re: Tut Takes On CoSine COSN has deployments with Sprint, AT&T, NTT, Equant , KT and a host of others. Sprint, I believe, is the most significant in NA.
junm 12/5/2012 | 3:30:08 AM
re: Tut Takes On CoSine It's realy sad that cosine closed the door since I'd been working for almost 2 years there..

The golden opportunity for CoSine was sell to Cisco in 2001 but they missed. Then market changed so rapidly although they setup some beachheads worldwide..

Anyway I'd miss all ex-colleagues of CoSine, some of them are very talent but Steve Goggiano is definitely a fool.

The experience at CoSine is a clear lesson that can indicate me what company will success and what will fail.
tfisher99 12/5/2012 | 3:30:08 AM
re: Tut Takes On CoSine
I'd be interested in talking with you. Can you message me at [email protected] and we can exchange numbers.

I'd appreciate it.

alcaseltzer 12/5/2012 | 3:30:03 AM
re: Tut Takes On CoSine On the call, they said they had sold a system to a tier 1 carrier, and will be entering field trials with it. This sounds a lot like the BellSouth IP TV RFP and field trial...
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