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Turnberry Makes Cable Splash

Turnberry, a relatively unknown name in the cable industry, is launching a new service enablement platform today, along with two service provisioning products.

Turnberry Solutions Inc. has announced its MSO Customer Acquisition and Care Portal, which allows cable resellers and national accounts to register new users quickly. It's also released an MSO Customer Self-Service Portal for group account administrators who need to sign up and provision new subscribers.

The Turnberry news might be easy to overlook if not for two things. First, the company has one major MSO customer that's been using its technology for more than a decade. Second, the Turnberry platform has the potential to streamline commercial services sales -- perhaps cable's biggest growth sector -- and support new "bring-your-own device" business models in the residential space. (See What Mattered at CES)

Turnberry can't go on the record with the name of its long-time cable customer, but the client is one of the top MSOs in the US. And, across Turnberry's customer footprint, the company says it's already supporting hundreds of thousands of transactions per month with 100 percent uptime. Naveen Kuppili, Turnberry's technology director, told Light Reading that "one of the key benefits for… MSOs is to [be able]… to rapidly deploy the solution."

On the commercial services front, Turnberry says that its platform supports bulk activation. This could be a major advantage as the cable industry ramps up efforts to sell to new types of business customers, including hospitals, schools, and government agencies. (See Cox Business Plots Path to $2B in Revenues.)

On the residential side, the potential of Turnberry's platform is arguably even more interesting. As the variety of connected devices continues to grow, triple-play providers need an easier way to connect the services they sell with products that people might buy anywhere.

For example, one Turnberry partner has already discussed setting up kiosks that would allow consumers to buy a broadband device like a modem or gateway and automatically sign up for Internet service at the same time. Another customer with a voice-over-IP platform seeks the ability to sign up new users for broadband service at the same time that they buy the VoIP product.

In the future, the possibilities extend much further. Real estate firms could market cable services and sign up new homeowners directly. An insurance company could market broadband-based home security solutions and bundle in Internet service as part of a promotional package. A retailer could pair video or broadband service with smart TV and game console sales.

By simplifying the on-boarding process for new customers, Turnberry could help cable companies eliminate one of the hurdles to service growth. It could also help MSOs better promote the value of the cable connection through the applications and services that it enables.

— Mari Silbey, special to Light Reading Cable

albreznick 11/14/2013 | 5:48:10 PM
Room in the market? Nice piece, Mari. I wonder how much room there is in the cable market for a relative newcomer like Mari. It's not an easy market to crack. I also wonder who their big MSO customer is. Any hints?
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