Trotting Out the Ray Gun

10:35 AM -- BBC News reports:

    The US military has given the first public display of what it says is a revolutionary heat-ray weapon to repel enemies or disperse hostile crowds.

    Called the Active Denial System, it projects an invisible high energy beam that produces a sudden burning feeling.

Damn! Twelve years of therapy and now they tell me it's marketable...

    Military officials, who say the gun is harmless, believe it could be used as a non-lethal way of making enemies surrender their weapons.

So, the object is to display something big and frightening to ward off fearful enemies? Hasn't this been tried before?

    A Reuters journalist who volunteered to be shot with the beam described the sensation as similar to a blast from a very hot oven - too painful to bear without diving for cover.

This brave journalist, presumably, is sore that he missed try-outs for Jackass 2 The Movie.

— Red "Active Denial" Panda, Light Reading

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